Live Captioning for SIDEM | Concurrent Sessions in Zoom

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Live Captioning for SIDEM – Supporting Concurrent Sessions in Zoom

Live Captioning for SIDEM – Supporting Concurrent Sessions in Zoom
Live captioning for Concurrent Sessions for SIDEM


CaptioningStar, one of the pioneers of live, post, and open captioning services, was recently approached by the SIDEM Group. SIDEM Group is a full-service creative, event planning, and management company based out of Washington D.C., They devised strategies for various government institutions, private sectors, and various other global events on Seminars, Conferences, and Brand launches.

SIDEM’s Approach and Challenges

The event manager, Mark Gifford, had requested us to provide live captioning for the conference, which was held on March 7, 8, and 9, 2023. The client required a total of 53 hours of live captioning and the conference was hosted on the Zoom platform.

CaptioningStar took up the project and aimed to offer the services seamlessly, with our top captioners supporting concurrent sessions for 3 days. Our team equipped ourselves to deliver technical and captioning support for more than 53 hours of events happening over the span of 3 days. Since the platform was Zoom, the technical support part became easier, as the Zoom integration services needed zero special tools to configure.

CaptioningStar covered all the events with full-fledged captioners working in real time. The CaptioningStar team worked tirelessly to ensure that the Zoom live captioning was provided with the highest level of accuracy and in real time. The team prepped to ensure that the captioning was delivered without flaws throughout the conference.

As a first step, We assigned multiple resources to provide live captioning for the conference. The team had to ensure that they had the right number of captioners to support the events. The CaptioningStar team worked closely with the client to understand their requirements and provide the best possible services to ensure the conference was accessible to all individuals.

The project involved captioning for multiple sessions simultaneously. They had to work round the clock to ensure that the captions were delivered without any hindrance.

As the event fruitfully ended with CaptioningStar’s live captioning support, the client requested them to provide post-production services as well. CaptioningStar covered all aspects of live and post-production events for SIDEM.

CaptioningStar’s expertise in providing live and post-production services was invaluable to the success of the conference. Our team of captioners is quite well-versed in the language and terminology used during the conference. The team worked under tight deadlines to ensure that the captioning was delivered in real time with the highest level of accuracy.

Post Production Services

In addition to providing live captioning services, CaptioningStar was requested to offer post-production services for the conference. The client required the post-production of all the recorded sessions and requested us to render the output in certain formats. The post-production services included the transcription of all the recorded sessions, translation of the captions into multiple languages, and in a format that could be easily integrated into the recorded sessions, as we offer translation services in over 100+ languages and we render the files in 18+ formats.

In conclusion, CaptioningStar successfully offered live and post-production services for the SIDEM Group’s high-level conference. Our team of talented captioners provided live captioning services seamlessly, despite the challenges posed by the project. The post-production services were delivered with high precision, and with easy integration. The client appreciated our dedication and expertise in making the conference accessible to all individuals.