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Utzu Logigan – A Rare Client’s Request for Our Services

Utzu Logigan – A Rare Client’s Request for Our Services
Utzu Logigan – A Rare Client’s Request for Our Services

CaptioningStar is a renowned provider of a wide range of captioning services, catering to clients ranging from small businesses to large organizations. Our expertise in captioning has made us a go-to option for many clients, and we always strive to deliver exceptional services that exceed their expectations. In this case study, we will discuss our experience working with Utzu Logigan, an event manager who sought our assistance for a high-profile conference.

Initial Handoff

In April 2022, we received a request from Utzu Logigan on our live captioning services, who had scheduled a grand three-day conference for September 2022. The event plans consisted of tightly packed 50+ sessions concurrent sessions in 3 days. Utzu assured us that he could handle the captioner’s aspect of the event. However, given the complexity of the conference, we continued to follow up to gather the necessary information to ensure a smooth captioning process.

Impact Assessment

With more than five months of preparation time, we equipped ourselves to provide top-notch captioning services for this high-profile event. Our team of experts started by assessing the requirements of the conference, the number of sessions, and the duration of each session. We also considered the number of attendees and the type of content that would be discussed during the conference.

We assigned a dedicated project manager to work closely with Utzu to ensure we had all the necessary information required to provide accurate captions. The project manager was always on standby to ensure that the captioning team is prepared for the unique challenges posed by Utzu’s event. We crucially assessed all the factors to ensure zero failure during the event.

Last Minute Request

However, as the conference approached, Utzu found himself in a fix, unable to cover the captioners’ numbers to meet with the concurrent sessions. With limited time remaining, he turned to CaptioningStar for assistance with all of the key aspects of live captioning. Despite the time constraints, our team of experts was up to the task and was able to assign the right captioners for the job and provide technical support for the event.


The task was an uphill battle as the event had a large number of concurrent sessions and breakout rooms happening simultaneously over the two-day period. Our encoders had to work with multiple devices, and it was essential to generate the host links accurately. Additionally, there were challenges posed by the diverse range of topics discussed during the conference. Nevertheless, our team at CaptioningStar was able to overcome the challenges and provide exceptional live captioning services for Utzu’s event.

Utzu’s Praises

As a result, Utzu was thrilled with the outcome and expressed his gratitude to us. He even promised to collaborate with CaptioningStar again for next year’s event, which was a significant milestone for us. Our ability to provide reliable, high-quality live captioning services despite the hurdles posed by Utzu’s event demonstrated our expertise in adapting to challenging circumstances and providing innovative solutions that helped to ensure the success of the conference.

In conclusion, CaptioningStar’s experience working with Utzu Logigan was a necessary boost to test our expertise in providing top-notch live captioning services. Despite the challenges posed by Utzu’s event, our team of experts delivered the SLAs with zero shortcomings. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to challenging circumstances and provide innovative solutions that ensure the success of our client’s events. We look forward to working with Utzu and other clients in the future and providing reliable, high-quality live captioning services.