Live Captioning for webinars in Bizzabo

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Live Captioning for Bootcamps/Webinars in Bizzabo via Vimeo’s Direct Streaming Support

Live Captioning for Bootcamps/Webinars in Bizzabo via Vimeo’s Direct Streaming Support
Live Captioning for Bootcamps/Webinars in Bizzabo

Our services cover a wide range of pre, post, and live captioning services pertaining to accessibility. The easy onset of business gives a variety of opportunities to conduct multiple workshops to boost the employees’ morale. Communication poses a greater obstacle when educating employees and people with disabilities. We specialize in offering the right solutions to counter this problem.

First Approach

Recently, we were approached by a Florida based renowned Event management firm, who required our live captioning services for a two-day in-house program that consisted of multiple breakout sessions. Our primary concern was to deliver close captioning services with zero failures, the client had multiple parties involved, which poses a variety of risks to solve in a limited period of time.

The Bizzabo Scenario

Our primary client, one of the leading event management companies handling the hosting operations for the client, with an event management platform called Bizzabo. Vimeo, an OBS software, was the technological partner for the streaming. Vimeo comes in between to facilitate the live broadcasting facility. There are multiple intermediaries involved to get the live closed captioning services to the client.

We were able to successfully integrate our encoder into the live sessions, despite the last-minute approach by the client, and rendered our full-fledged support to ensure that the event was accessible to all attendees.


Our talented support specialists gain the necessary details prior to the event from the client. They primarily get the following information: Keynote Speakers’ list, Event Topic information, Languages Spoken, and Time and Date of the event. Later, they meticulously plan the setups and the course to set the integration in the process.

Our support specialists perform a live demo for the client, once the client confirms, we exclusively assign our NDA-certified captioners to live caption the event.

One of the biggest challenges we encountered during this project was the last-minute request by the client. With just a few days left until the event, we had to work under tight deadlines to ensure that our encoder and captioners were ready to provide accurate captions in real time. However, with our previous experience integrating services with Bizzabo came in handy and we confidently neutralized the challenges.

The first obstacle is understanding the field of the platforms used by the clients. In this case, there were multiple platforms involved, like Vimeo, Bizzabo, etc.

Another barrier we faced was the need to provide live captions for multiple breakout sessions. To ensure that the captions were accurate and delivered in real time, we had to make sure that our team of captioners was ready to handle the workload and that our encoder was able to handle multiple sessions at the same time.


We offer spot-on solutions, but this scenario is definitely a greater challenge since more than 2 parties and apps were involved. However, putting it together is a herculean task. We ran a myriad of tests on the integration feed.

To overcome the shortcomings, we quickly set up our encoder and tested it thoroughly to ensure that it was working seamlessly with Bizzabo.

The Connection Route

Client > Using Vimeo to Stream > Host and Link Generated in Bizzabo > Captioning Star’s Encoder connecting Captioner and the Event > Redirected Vimeo Streaming through Bizzabo Links > Multiple Breakout rooms, accessible via Bizzabo links.

CaptioningStar’s encoder has adaptable features that make sure no single word is left during the real-time streaming, it also ensures the sync with little to no delay. With our experience and expertise in integrating services with Bizzabo, we were able to provide live captions for all breakout sessions, ensuring that the event was accessible to all attendees.

We also ensured that our team of captioners was ready to handle the workload and provide accurate captions in real time. With the help of Vimeo, the streaming platform that was redirected to Bizzabo, we were able to provide live captions for all breakout sessions with our powerful encoder’s support throughout the event, with this combination of technology and human expertise.

The Client’s Response

The fruitful turnout of the event helped the client’s employees to gain in-depth knowledge about marketing and its various aspects. The client was extremely satisfied with our services and praised us for our quick response and ability to deliver accurate captions in real time. They also commended us for our dedicated support team, which helped to ensure that the event ran smoothly with minimal interruptions. As a result, They approached us for their next event, and we are proud to continue our partnership with them.

At CaptioningStar, we are dedicated to providing high-quality captioning services for our clients. Our recent project on our high profile client’s two-day marketing program for their e-commerce business is a testament to our commitment to delivering accurate captions in real time, regardless of the complexity of the project. We provide tailor-made solutions that meet your specific needs in the context of accessibility services.