Live Captioning for Council of Meeting of City of ColdWater

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CASE STUDY – LIVE Captioning of City of Coldwater, Michigan, Council Meeting

CASE STUDY – LIVE Captioning of City of Coldwater, Michigan, Council Meeting
Cold Water Michigan

In the backdrop of COVID-19, our office received an email from Mr. Patrick Pool, who is Director of IT at City of Coldwater & Board of Public Utilities Kalamazoo, Michigan Area.

Patrick in his email wanted to find out about our captioning services, and specifically wanted to determine if the captioning services could be provided for LIVE streaming events.

Determining Our LIVE Captioning Capabilities

Being specialists and providers of closed/open captioning services, Patrick was notified that we deliver 99% accurate captions that are word-to-word synchronized.
No matter how challenging the task, our captioners have the capabilities to caption LIVE streaming events with single/multiple speakers, difficult content or accents. They have lots and lots of experience, having done that for years.

Social Distancing Prompting Them to Organize Virtual Council Meetings

The City of Coldwater, regularly organizes council meetings, but due to ‘social distancing’ in force, the meeting was virtually being hosted through the ZOOM video conferencing platform, which was to be streamed LIVE, and for which captioning services were needed.

Not Satisfied Using Open Source ‘OBS Studio – Web Captioner’

Patrick mentioned in his communication that they were using an open source software ‘OBS Studio – Web Captioner’, however he wasn’t quite satisfied with the end results of the automated captioning software, and instead wanted it to be replaced with LIVE captioners.

Assess Our LIVE Captioning Services Before Moving Forward

Before moving forward, Patrick wanted to assess the LIVE captioning service, and wanted to determine if any costs were associated for trying out the service, and also wanted to determine the cost for the entire service our sales executive informed him that the ‘test’ was absolutely free, and detailed costs for the services were mailed to him.

After a Satisfactory Review Gave Us the ‘Go Ahead’

After a satisfactory preview of our services, and the associated costs, Patrick sent us his approval. A LIVE captioner was deployed for the council meeting, and as the meeting began, the accurately synchronized captions appeared on the screen. The LIVE streaming city council meeting was scheduled to conclude in an hour, however it continued for an additional ten minutes. At the end of it, Mr. Patrick Pool complimented the captioner, and expressed his satisfaction for the successful conclusion of the project.