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Pre-Recorded Captioning Service For WRG

Pre-Recorded Captioning Service For WRG

Introduction to WRG live

Over 25 years in the communication industry, WRG is a pioneer live communication agency in the UK that effectively harnesses the full potential of digital technologies in delivering a powerful brand experience to target consumers and client-marketers. They engage the internal and external audiences through the exotic creation of live experiences. Whether you’re planning an in-person event or need assistance with online or hybrid event production, working with WRG will ensure you the final product that is unique, memorable, and most of all provides results.

Client Requirements

WRGs Senior Production Manager, Cassie Burkinshaw, contacted CaptioningStar to caption, translate and subtitle her videos on cybersecurity in 5 languages. We were happy to assist her with 495 mins of video recordings. These pre-recordings were 12 Zoom sessions which had one to four speakers in each session. The duration of the first three sessions was 15 minutes each, the subsequent six sessions were 45 minutes each, and the last three sessions were 60 minutes each. All the 12 files need to be captioned and translated into English, Spanish, French, simplified Chinese, and Chinese Traditional. Along with translations, subtitle files in SRT format were to be delivered in all languages mentioned.

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The Discussion

CaptioningStar follows the US timings, but Cassie wanted all the discussion to happen on the UK timings. We made our sales representatives available as per the client’s choice. Thus, four representatives were nominated for this project on our behalf. We had back-to-back emails, as Cassie had many questions to be addressed. Their requirements kept changing constantly. She wanted Canadian French instead of French, added the Arabic language to the list, and also changed the format in which the captions were to be delivered. She also came up with a lot of queries which our team addressed patiently but within minutes. Depending upon her requirements, there were many proposals sent, and in the end, Cassie concluded. The quotation was finally approved, and we received their sample files.

The Best delivered to WRG

Immediately after receiving the files, transcriptionists started working on them. We had to send them the transcription for review, get their suggestions and thereafter add captions. Immediately after adding English captions, our team assigned qualified and experienced translators in all the six languages of their choice to get the subtitles ready. Finally, our native language translators came up with the scripts. We uploaded the samples. The client was satisfied with the captions and subtitles.

Now that our real work has started. Two files were sent to us for captioning and subtitling. But not all the videos needed subtitles in six languages. A few required only three languages, a few in four languages. It was time-saving that Cassie sent us a spreadsheet making a note of the language preference for each video and the time within which they were to be uploaded with captions and subtitles. 

The standard turnaround time for captioning and subtitling is 4 to 5 business days, but Cassie wanted it within 48 hours. Processing within her timeframe was super rush time for us and incurred additional costs as several experts had to work on each session. The client was entirely satisfied with our price that we proceeded immediately. They delivered the first set of files in 48 hours. We ensured all our captions and subtitles would be over 99% accurate. We transcribe/translate, timestamp, create closed captions sidecar files (SRT files), check the quality, and proofread them before delivery.  We do all these processes manually to ensure maximum accuracy and perfect time synchronization.

Challenges we faced

Their video hosting platform provider was MediaSoil. MediaSoil did not support SRT files. Our team tried to solve their technical issues, but all in vain. We suggested using captioning files in the VTT format. A sample file was done for them, and to their amazement, their file formats were not supported on MediaSoil. We charged nothing extra for the VTT format files. We gave them the captions in both SRT and VTT format. All the completed files were uploaded to dropbox, where we created separate folders for them according to the languages and sessions. Cassie was extremely happy for our timely- delivery, quality work, and prompt response to all her problems. Everything from start to finish was completely smooth, and we received their gratitude for our hard work.

She also referred us to her other clients, and we are happy to work with them. We also undertook their projects and submitted everything before the stipulated time. This new client was quite impressed with our work. We are still receiving other clients from Cassie and still working with WRGs current projects.

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