Making Online Tutoring Classes Accessible for a Big Community School via Live Captioning

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Making Online Tutoring Classes Accessible for a Big Community School via Live Captioning

Making Online Tutoring Classes Accessible for a Big Community School via Live Captioning
Making Online Education Accessible

Client Overview

A California-based community school, known for its commitment to educating kids both online and offline, hosts various classes through virtual platforms like Zoom. However, they recognized the need for live captioning to accommodate individuals with hearing impairments and enhance overall accessibility.

The client’s primary goal was to ensure that live Zoom sessions were equipped with real-time captions to cater to the diverse needs of their students, staff, and parents.

Initial Touch base

The client had a disabled tutor who was specially requesting captions to understand the students and proceed with the teaching. They requested live captioning for Zoom as they use Zoom for all their classes. The sessions will range from 2 to 3 hours every day and the classes will go on for 4 days consecutively.


The live captioning solution is needed to provide accurate and real-time captions to ensure a seamless learning and communication experience.

The captioning solution had to seamlessly integrate with Zoom, the platform regularly used by the school for virtual meetings and classes.

The school caters to a diverse group of students, faculty, and parents, each with unique accessibility requirements. A live captioning solution is needed to address these varied needs effectively.

The major challenge was to accurately understand the children and their accents and provide the right captions for the teacher to understand their queries.

Solution Provided by Captioningstar

Initial Consultation

Captioningstar initiated a detailed consultation with the school to understand their specific requirements and the nature of their virtual events.
Discussions involved the frequency of events, the number of participants, and any particular technical or content-related challenges.

Customized Captioning Solution

Based on the consultation, Captioningstar proposed a customized live captioning solution tailored to the school’s needs.

The solution included a team of experienced live captioners equipped with the necessary expertise in educational content and real-time transcription.

Integration with Zoom

Captioningstar worked closely with the school’s IT team to seamlessly integrate their live captioning services with Zoom.

This involved setting up a dedicated link between Captioningstar’s platform and the school’s Zoom account to ensure real-time transmission of audio for captioning.

Quality Assurance

Prior to the scheduled events, Captioningstar conducted rigorous testing and quality assurance checks to guarantee the accuracy and reliability of live captions.

The team collaborated with the school to fine-tune the captioning settings based on the unique accents and terminology used within the community.

Diverse Accessibility Features

Recognizing the diverse needs of the audience, Captioningstar implemented features such as customizable font sizes and colors, ensuring that the captions were legible and could be personalized according to individual preferences.

Ongoing Support

Captioningstar provided ongoing technical support throughout the duration of the live captioning services, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted experience for the school community.

Results and Impact

The live captioning solution is seamlessly integrated with Zoom, providing real-time and accurate captions for virtual events.

The school community, including students, staff, and parents, reported increased satisfaction with the improved accessibility of virtual sessions.

The initiative showcased the school’s commitment to inclusivity, fostering a more inclusive and supportive learning environment.

Client Feedback

“CaptioningStar’s Zoom Live Captioning service exceeded our expectations. The accuracy and speed of the captions significantly enhanced our meeting’s accessibility and engagement. Their team’s professionalism and commitment to quality made a notable difference. It’s a service we’ll certainly use again and recommend to others seeking reliable captioning solutions.”


                                                                  – Manager

Captioningstar’s Contribution

Captioningstar successfully delivered a customized live captioning solution for the community school, enhancing accessibility and inclusivity for their virtual events. The collaboration exemplifies the importance of leveraging technology to address the diverse needs of educational institutions and underscores the positive impact of such initiatives on the overall learning experience. Marching forward with a mission to create a fully accessible tomorrow, Captioningstar enters the AI Space to cater accessibility services for a better user experience.