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Case Study – Meeting Request for Live Caption Services UN

Case Study – Meeting Request for Live Caption Services UN
Live Caption Services for UN


The United Nations is one of the largest welfare organisation on earth, when we received an enquiry for translation and captioning services from them, we were honoured.


UN – DESA: United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs is part of the United Nations and is responsible for the follow-up of all major conferences and summits that happen under the UN’s banner. They help countries around the world achieve their economic, environmental, and social challenges with their agenda setting and decision making.

When they reached out to us with an inquiry to partner up for one of their events we were so excited we felt honoured. Ariel, Sustainable Development Officer sent the inquiry for a 90-minute session on December 16th.


The client had a requirement for us to do captioning in 6 official UN languages Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish, for a 90-minutes long session on “Shaping a New Social Contract: UN DESA Fireside Chats”. Multilingual captioning service is always a feat.

AI Live captioning


With the initial thrill of becoming partner captioner for the UN, we faced a new challenge, one which neither Ariel nor we knew about. To be considered for the contract we (the vendor) had to register ourselves in the UN Global Marketplace.

Our operations team got all the required paperwork in order and began the process of registration. With this challenge won, we were one of the official vendors for the UN. Look us up, we are on the vendor database!

We got in touch with Micheal who was assisting Ariel with processing the purchase order for captioning service in 6 UN languages. Behold- another challenge! For a while, it felt like the challenge gods had set us up for a duel, but what they didn’t know was that at CaptioningStar we love a challenge.

This time around we had to provide a particular ten-digit number to find us on the database, there were a few numbered codes given to us which caused a little confusion, as it was our time working as UN vendors; we went through the learning curve. A few emails later the show was back on.

We also had a bit of confusion when we requested the Zoom Link and API link for technical purposes. With the help of the technical team at CaptioningStar, the client was able to generate the required link and key and shared the same with us to facilitate the service.

With our amazing team and constant support and guidance from Ariel at the UN, we got through the challenges like a breeze.


Our first project as an official and newly registered UN vendor was to render captioning services in 6 UN official languages Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.

The 90-minute long session on “Shaping a New Social Contract: UN DESA Fireside Chats” was conducted via Zoom with 500 participants in attendance. We provided them with the live captioning service and Transcripts Post-event. We delivered post-event transcripts free of cost to the client for their reference and filing.

The requirements were live captioning in 6 official UN languages, and we offered them the choice between AI live captioning for Arabic, Chinese, and Russian and Human Captioners for English, French and Spanish or AI live captioning for all 6 languages. The final confirmation was for AI live captioning for all 6 languages.

We had a test/demo session to test out and show the client a live example of what will be provided on the day of the event and to also configure our AI. 2 live captioners were also provided to ensure everything was channelled perfectly.

Happy Customer, Happy Us

Ariel was happy with our service or in her own words “Thanks for helping us have a great event Tuesday and looking forward to another one” as we too look forward to having more opportunities to work with the United Nations.