CaptioningStar Subtitle Service for an Active Marketing Company

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Multilingual Subtitles for the Best Experiential Marketing Company

Multilingual Subtitles for the Best Experiential Marketing Company

About OBE

Founded in 1995, OBE specializes in experiential marketing, including online and virtual events, consumer marketing events, social media campaigns, B2B conferences, retail experiences, internal events, pop-up marketing, influencer marketing, and press events. They also create campaigns for sports marketing events, music, entertainment, product launches, international events, etc. This culture-centric agency is into full-service-producing big projects, delivering unforgettable live experiences for their clients. The Event Marketer Magazine featured OBE in the industry’s top 100 agencies for ten years straight and named them the “Best Place to Work In Events” !!!

OBE has dealt with the most iconic brands like Nike, Facebook, Apple, JPMorgan Chase, Kellogg’s, Activision, and Genentech. With the Covid 19 pandemic, this brand experience agency needed online events. Inclusivity was the biggest challenge as people from different nationalities participated. Let us also not forget the audiences with disabilities. Thus OBE reached out to us to incorporate accessibility elements to many of their video files as per client requirements. CaptioningStar has worked on several projects for OBE and is still working on their current projects. 

The Interactions with CaptioningStar

Various Senior Production Managers, Production Managers, Associate Design Directors, Production Directors, and Production Coordinators at OBE have interacted with us month on month for multiple events. They have been discussing their post-event video captioning requirements with our executives. Closed Captions and Subtitles were their primary accessibility demands.

To describe a case, we learned that we had to caption their Workshop (Community Connect) in English and provide translations and subtitles in 11 different languages. Closed Captions were preferred, and their expected turnaround time was five days from when we received their files. Despite the short TAT, we were ready to secure the project as we had translators in all the required languages.

They required translations in Arabic, Indonesian, Latin Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Vietnamese, Thai, Turkish, Taiwanese, Mandarin, and Italian. Captioning in English was our piece of cake. The closed captions files (output) were to be delivered in the SRT format, which is the commonly used format for sidecar files. 

Transcripts were a crucial part of this post-video captioning. Before starting translations, they required the verbatim materials beforehand as a text document for their perusal. 

Parallel Interaction

Various directors and coordinators kept approaching us for different events as this experiential company caters to different clients. In the process of understanding their requirement, we have been closely associated with OBE for captioning multiple files. Lately, we have been translating their videos into French, Spanish, and Simplified Chinese languages. We ensured and are ensuring to make room for all their requirements. For all their projects, we have provided free transcripts/ verbatim print materials which can serve as interactive transcripts to their videos. Transcripts were also revised as per their suggestions. 

All output format of all the files delivered, was in the SRT format.  A few files had to be time-coded to appear as text on video. We proofread the transcripts twice before encoding them to appear as captions. With OBE, transcripts were to be sent for review beforehand. We also ensured the perfect audio-video synchronization, that is, titles should be displayed exactly when words are spoken. 

Including captions instill a feeling of inclusivity. OBE has reached a broader spectrum of audiences with captioning and subtitling their files. They make events unique and memorable to everyone as their live events, or pre-recorded videos are always accessible. 

Accessibility features do not limit to captions and subtitles. There are other features like real-time captioning/Cart captioning, audio Description service video description Service, ALS interpretations, remote language interpretations, Oral lip transliterations, and many more, depending upon requirements. People with disabilities may take advantage of one or more accessibility features which is indispensable for digital content.


Why chose us?

We have been working on several of OBE’s projects for months. They entrust us with all their requirements as we are reliable and offer accessibility services at affordable rates. We promise our clients 99% accuracy and align to their turnaround time. Sending us your files is child’s play. Either you can drop them to our dropbox, or we can download them from your portal. You are also free to email us your videos. Also, we provide output (caption files) in more than 20 different formats.

We employ experienced captioners and native language translators for each project and work with more than 50 languages. OBE has always wanted translations and subtitles in more than 15 languages. We uploaded all the files using the Google drive link. 

OBE has expanded its audiences globally with accessible captions and subtitles. People with disabilities and ESL speakers comprehend and engage better with captions. 

They were delighted with our super rush delivery and express delivery TAT. Transcripts given to them were double checked before finally being sent. Indeed they were contended with our professionalism.  CaptioningStar continues to work on their new projects.