Palladium Group's Spanish Closed Captioning Service

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Spanish Closed Captioning Service for Palladium Group

Spanish Closed Captioning Service for Palladium Group
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Client’s Background:

The Palladium Group works with government agencies, businesses, and organizations to create a socially progressive and commercial growing model which creates a “positive impact” for the business and as well the society. They operate globally with a presence in over 90 countries.

Executive Summary:

Bethany O’Connor – Manager, Health at Palladium group reached out to us with a requirement to provide closed-caption SRT files service for their pre-recorded webinars. At CaptioningStar we strive for sustainable models of business, this was a great opportunity for us to work with another organization with the same beliefs.


They shared with us the 85-minute long video that needed to be closed-captioned from Spanish to Spanish. The turnaround time was 2-3 days. We paired with a professional and native captioner to render the captions with perfect accuracy and clarity.

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Our Solution:

The technical team got in touch with our professional captioners who have spent 1000+ hours working with different industries and have over 11+ years of experience in the captioning service industry to execute the captioning for the client, we delivered the closed-captions file in SRT file format within the promised time.

Client Feedback:

The client was happy with our output quality and looks forward to working with us again in the future.

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