CASE STUDY- Streaming LIVE Captions for ‘No Code Conference’

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CASE STUDY-Streaming LIVE Captions for ‘No Code Conference’ Organised In San Francisco CA

CASE STUDY-Streaming LIVE Captions for ‘No Code Conference’ Organised In San Francisco CA
Enterprise Event Group EEG

Introduction on Enterprise Event Group EEG

Skip Jansen is a Director of Production at Enterprise Event Group EEG, the event management company is located in San Rafael, CA . The company was in the process of  organising a 2-Day conference in San Francisco, CA, titled ‘No Code Conference’ on behalf of an IT company Webflow.

The 2-Day conference was scheduled for 13th and 14th of November 2019. Skip approached Live Captioning companies in California and called our front desk to find out if Live captioning services could be provided for the event. The organizers had installed a giant video screen  at the conference venue for the convenience of the attendees to diligently follow every speaker that was scheduled to participate in the conference.

Challenges faced

According to Skip, two separate rooms Room – 1 and Room – 2 would be allocated to the speakers, with two keynote speakers conferencing simultaneously. The organizers required two captioners to cover the event that would be streamed LIVE. 

Our live captioning team in quick time analysed the needs of the event organizer, and organised the StreamText platform to enable LIVE captions to be displayed for the streaming video. The StreamText platform delivers real-time captions, it does away the need of embedding or encoding of the feed into the platform where the video is supposedly playing. 

Suggestions from CaptioningStar

The live captioning team suggested Skip to download Streamcast on his computer, this plugin tool is designed for casting captions, it facilitates captions to be provided over programs, without native captioning integrated. Skip was also appraised by our live captioning team on how he could customize the display of the captions at his end,  choosing the background color of his choice or changing the font type, color and size.



We assigned two remote captioners for the conference,arrangements were made for the two captioners to access the audio through the Zoom webinar tool.  An hour before the conference was scheduled to begin, we had all associated entities on board to test all captioning applications to make sure we do not have any glitches.

On a successful completion

Thankfully, it was a smooth run, as captions beamed LIVE on the giant screen. The organizers seemed gleefully satisfied, the attendees too had nothing to complain about. At the end of the day, the live captioning team at our end patted itself for a job well done.