Subtitling Solution for Informational Videos for Municipal

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Subtitling Solution for Informational Videos for Municipal Community Developers

Subtitling Solution for Informational Videos for Municipal Community Developers

Subtitling Services

CaptioningStar is a leading provider of captioning and subtitling services. With over 17 years of experience, serving over 16000 clients, CaptioningStar is dedicated to providing top-notch accessibility services. As a wide range of accessibility services provider, we would strongly say that other than common closed captioning, subtitling takes the second spot on the most needed services list. From education to entertainment, subtitles help the content reach the other side without taking a big toll on the content. One such accomplishment has been explained in detail below.

Client Background

CaptioningStar was approached by a prestigious Municipal community from Canada, to provide subtitling solutions for a 20-minute informational video. The Client aimed to educate crucial information to a diverse audience, requiring the video to be subtitled in two major African languages, namely Somali and Tigrinya. The client expected us to deliver within a week’s time, which is a super rush mode.


Candidly speaking, Somali and Tigrinya, are Semitic and marginalized languages from Africa. This makes it harder to find the right experts for the translation.

Language Accuracy

The primary challenge was to ensure an accurate translation of the content while preserving its context, tone, and technical accuracy. Both and Amharic have distinct linguistic and cultural nuances, requiring skilled translators familiar with government terminologies.

Cultural Sensitivity

The video content touched on sensitive government policies and programs. It was essential to maintain cultural sensitivity and avoid misinterpretations that could lead to misunderstandings or misinformation among the audience.

Time Constraint

The Client had a tight deadline to meet, demanding efficient project management and quick turnaround without compromising the quality of the subtitling.

Our Solution

CaptioningStar devised a comprehensive solution to address the challenges and effectively meet the client’s requirements.


After a quick and extensive search, we found the native-speaking translators proficient in Somali and Tigrinya, along with a deep understanding of policy-related terminology. These experts were selected based on their subject matter knowledge and translation skills, ensuring accurate and contextually relevant translations.

Quality Assurance

A multi-step quality assurance process was implemented. After initial translations, a team of reviewers cross-checked the subtitles for accuracy, context, and cultural relevance. Any discrepancies were corrected before finalizing the subtitles.


The subtitles were integrated seamlessly into the video, ensuring synchronization with the visual content and maintaining a professional appearance. CaptioningStar utilized advanced subtitling software to achieve this integration accurately.


CaptioningStar’s comprehensive approach resulted in a successful subtitling solution for the Canadian Municipal Community’s 20-minute video. The client expressed high satisfaction with the quality of the subtitling service. The professionalism, accuracy, and cultural sensitivity demonstrated by CaptioningStar contributed to a successful collaboration.

By strongly establishing the checklist of linguistic expertise, cultural knowledge, and advanced subtitling technology, CaptioningStar ensured the client’s crucial information reached a diverse audience effectively and professionally. This successful collaboration highlighted the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality subtitling solutions for clients with specific and demanding needs.