Supporting Virtual Alternative K-12 System with Comprehensive Accessibility Solutions

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Supporting Virtual Alternative K-12 System with Comprehensive Accessibility Solutions

Supporting Virtual Alternative K-12 System with Comprehensive Accessibility Solutions
K - 12 Accessibility Solutions

Free Online Education

In the United States, the democratization of education has taken a significant leap forward with the advent of free K-12 online education platforms. These innovative virtual environments offer students across the nation an opportunity to access a comprehensive curriculum, from the comfort of their homes or wherever they may be. 

This educational revolution empowers learners from all walks of life, providing equitable access to quality education and fostering a culture of continuous, personalized learning that is not bound by geography, socio-economic status, or personal circumstances. As a testament to the nation’s commitment to educational advancement, free K-12 online education is shaping the future of learning and opening doors to new possibilities for America’s youth. 

This is an ever-growing community that found its rise after the COVID break. This approach proves that online learning helps to aid learners by addressing all the pain points experienced by the learners.

Client Background

Present in all 50 states in the US, our mega client is an education services company that has been pioneering the field of technology-based education since its inception. With a focus on delivering high-quality, personalized education through innovative digital platforms, Stride has been at the forefront of transforming the learning experience for students across the United States.

First Touch Base

The handlers of K-12 content creation and management have found us organically from the internet. Their requirement includes a big chain of content delivery for a series of weeks, for their online education platform or Learning management system (LMS). 

They requested a quote seeking closed captions, Transcripts, and Audio Descriptions for all their educating videos. Their primary focus is on delivering completely accessible learning material and offering a clear learning experience to every learner. Keen to present the right content, they approached us requesting a quote for 4000+ videos, covering more than 7900 minutes.

Our Initial Solutions

After a quick analysis by our team, we prepared charts to calculate the delivery time and estimated costs and created a detailed quote, sent right away for the client’s approval. Our solutions are simple, cost-cutting, and maintain the industry standards strictly. 

Our solutions have resonated with the company’s idea as our solutions and prices checked all the boxes of the client’s requirements.  Furthermore, we promised a quicker turnaround time and on-time delivery using the cutting-edge inbuilt tool called iTranscript.

Flattered by the deal options and additional solutions, the clients expanded their project size offering the entire project to us.

Challenges - Production and Processing

As the days started, we started the production as soon as the weekly content had been created.

As they loaded the content to the iTranscript, we downloaded the content from our end and started processing it. 

The challenges we faced:

  1. There is a huge volume of files transferred via the Cloud consuming a big chunk of data while transfer.
  2. The production and editing process is time-consuming and needs high manpower.
  3. Working on Three different services simultaneously.
  4. Keeping up with the on-time delivery we promised.

The primary challenges were magnanimous, yet the story got interesting as we tackled the problems with our powerful solutions.

The implementation process involved several critical steps:

Content Audit:

A thorough review of the existing educational materials was conducted to identify content that required accessibility features.


Content was prioritized based on the curriculum needs, with an emphasis on materials for core subjects and those with heavy visual and auditory components.

Professional Services Engagement:

The client partnered with a professional service known for its expertise in educational content to ensure that all captions, transcripts, and audio descriptions met the highest standards of educational and accessibility compliance.

Quality Assurance:

After the initial implementation, the content went through a rigorous quality assurance process involving educators, accessibility experts, and target users to provide feedback and ensure accuracy.

Level 1 - Transcription

With our advanced AI tool, using cutting-edge speech-to-text technology, we have extracted the transcripts from the educational videos. The transcripts form the basics of the accessibility services. Seeking solace from the basics, we have moved forward to produce the other content.

Level 2 - Closed Captions

By using the transcripts as reference materials, our captioners have started working on the videos weekly. Our captioner, having schematic knowledge from the education industry helped us reach the deadlines with ease.

Level 3 - Audio Description

The final boss Audio Description needs meticulous planning and setup, processing the previous content from transcription. Our dedicated Audio Describers have adapted to the fast-paced conditions. They swiftly delivered the content.

After one or two careful considerations, and vetting the content, the recording process started. Our Audio Describers successfully completed the final out with the edited elements after the recording process.

Level - 4 Delivery

We bundled all the files, sorting the options with Audio Descriptions, Closed Captions, and transcripts in the right formats, fulfilling the requirements via the exclusive platform called iTranscript.


Increased Engagement

Students with disabilities reported a higher level of engagement with the learning materials. The use of captions, transcripts, and audio descriptions allowed them to participate more fully in the educational experience.

Improved Academic Performance

There was a noticeable improvement in the academic performance of students who relied on these accessibility features, as evidenced by their grades and test scores.

Compliance Achievement

The client met all legal requirements for accessibility, positioning itself as a leader in K-12 educational inclusivity with our help.

Client Feedback

“Ensuring that our videos are inclusive and accessible to every learner, especially individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing, is a critical priority for us. The team at CaptioningStar has been crucial in enabling us to accomplish this objective, with their unwavering dedication and their support 24/7, they delivered all files on time.” 

                                                                                       – Chief Administrative Officer 

The positive feedback from the client served as a driving factor to fulfill the orders on time, sending weekly and daily content. Our team dedicates themselves to crafting and delivering the best service possible for our clients.

CaptioningStar’s Mission

At CaptioningStar, our mission is to bridge communication gaps and enhance media inclusivity by providing premier captioning and transcription services. We are dedicated to ensuring that all audiences, regardless of hearing ability, can access and engage with video content.

By leveraging cutting-edge technology and expert linguists, we strive to deliver precise, timely, and compliant captions, empowering content creators to reach a wider, more diverse audience with confidence and ease.

Serving more than 17000+ clients worldwide, captioningstar has been the industry leader for more than 17 years providing end-to-end accessibility services, covering major services like Closed Captioning, Live Captioning, Subtitles, Audio Description Services, Translation, and Transcription. Our client pool includes big players from Fortune 500 companies, Google, Linked In, the University of New-Hempshire, and more.

CaptioningStar dedicated itself to creating an accessible future with all the super abilities and features. Progressing towards the goal, captioningstar is the constant process of developing feasible solutions to meet accessibility needs.