Case Study - Virtual Special Assembly Meetings for the City.

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CASE STUDY – LIVE Captioning of Virtual Special Assembly Meetings for the City and Borough of Juneau, Alaska

CASE STUDY – LIVE Captioning of Virtual Special Assembly Meetings for the City and Borough of Juneau, Alaska
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COVID-19 has drastically altered the day-to-day workflows of U.S Federal and State Government offices, with regulations of ‘social distance’ diligently being observed.
Matt Scranton, Director of Management Information Systems at the City and Borough of Juneau, Alaska, called our office to understand the modalities of our captioning services.

Captioning LIVE Stream of Special Assembly Meetings

Matt speaking to our representative disclosed that they are in the process of organizing special assembly meetings, which will be virtual and streamed LIVE. These never before at any point in time had been virtually organized, and wondered if we could provide LIVE captioning services for the meeting with 25 participants that would be using the ZOOM video platform.

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FREE Demonstration of Our LIVE Captioning Service

After our representative explained to Matt how the LIVE captioning services would be delivered, he wanted to test the services, before giving his go-ahead. Generally, any test requests are billed to our clients, but because the captioning services were being provided to the government office, a LIVE stream of a small video clip was captioned for Matt on the ZOOM platform.

Meeting Alaska Time Zone Challenges

Following the test, a satisfied Matt gave us his approval, stating that he had approached three other captioning companies earlier before reaching out to us, and unfortunately all three of them had refused to provide the service, because the meetings were scheduled late in the evening, and they could not adjust their workflow to the Alaska time zone. As a 24/7 company, our captioners are available round-the-clock to deliver the services in any time zones.

Delivering LIVE Captions With 99% Accuracy

On the scheduled day, as the LIVE stream of the special assembly meeting began, our captioner accurately synced the captions with 99% accuracy, and earned the appreciation of a satisfied Matt.

Rewarded with Additional LIVE Captioning Assignments

Having successfully completed the one hour project, we received another assignment from Matt, five special assembly meetings, each one-hour long. An additional ten-hour LIVE streams were also under his active consideration.