English, Spanish, and Arabic closed captioning services

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Voces Latinas – Closed Captioning services in English, Spanish, Arabic

Voces Latinas – Closed Captioning services in English, Spanish, Arabic
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Client’s Background:

Based in Ohio, Voces Latinas TV offers hows and programs to the Hispanic TV and community in the states with their one-hour bilingual variety and timely coverage of programing, educational, cultural, and entertaining programs which are targeted at making a difference in the Hispanic community.

Executive Summary:

Maryori contacted us with a requirement to close-caption lessons in English, Spanish, and Arabic. Our team got in touch with the right captioners to give her the best output and within the stipulated time. As a firm that believes in empowering people and communities, we were glad to work with her on the educational videos.


Maryori and her team contacted us with a requirement to close-caption 9 video clips in 3 different languages in SRT, VTT, and SCC. As these were educational content we had to take the utmost care while working on the captions, a small mishap may render the message out of context making the lessons absolute.
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Our Solution:

Our talented team at CaptioningStar had the best captioners render the captioning service for Voces Latinas in all the 3 languages- Spanish, Arabic, and English. Our technical team acquired these captions and converted them into the formats the client requested. Our team rendered the captioning service with the utmost professionalism, accuracy, and quality. CaptioningStar executed the multilingual captioning with ease and expertise with our seasoned team.

Client Feedback:

Maryori was happy with our quality of work and looks forward to working with us soon on future projects.

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