Zoom Closed Captioning for Consecutive Sessions for Peace Organization

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Zoom Closed Captions for Consecutive Sessions for Peace Organization

Zoom Closed Captions for Consecutive Sessions for Peace Organization
Zoom Closed Captions

Peace Agency

A Significant Peace agency of the United Nations that focuses on the critical issue of disaster risk reduction (DRR). It was established in 2000 to promote a global culture of risk awareness and resilience. The Agency operates under the United Nations Secretariat and plays a pivotal role in coordinating international efforts to reduce the impact of disasters on communities and nations.

The primary goal of the agency is to advocate for and facilitate the implementation of strategies and policies that mitigate the risks associated with natural and human-made disasters. The office works closely with governments, non-governmental organizations, the private sector, and other stakeholders to build resilience, enhance preparedness, and promote sustainable development practices that consider and address disaster risks.

The agency also plays a central role in supporting the implementation of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, a global agreement adopted in 2015 that outlines a roadmap to reduce disaster risk and increase resilience worldwide.

Our Client Background

Based in Thailand, located in the International Peace Organization building, Our client has approached us on getting a zoom closed caption services for a live event happening virtually, covering a heterogenous set of audience internationally. 

The Associate Programme Management Officer from the Office of the Peace Agency has approached us to avail our basic accessibility services in order to cater to international audiences, especially Zoom closed captioning.

The Event included attendees from all over the world, representing nations and regions across the globe. Carrying utmost importance, the event would last around 1.30 hours, predetermined. The schedule for the other zonal meetings follows on the upcoming days, a total of 9 meetings happening over the span of 7 days. 

Our Initiation

We swiftly acted and analyzed the requirements of manpower i.e captioners and the other integration facilities that will be needed. After processing the estimate, we have created and submitted a quote. Keeping in mind, the needs of the peace agency, we have addressed the immediate needs of the client without compromising on Quality.

Additionally, we have offered to provide Post Captioning Services, the captioned file will be extracted from our backend tool and it will be synchronized with the videos, and will be provided after the events as desired by the client.


The client faced the challenge of making their extended meetings of online sessions accessible to attendees who were deaf or hard of hearing. They required a solution that could seamlessly integrate closed captions into their consecutive sessions without compromising the quality of the language Which required immense manpower to match the schedule as the meetings span over 7 days.

Our primary challenge was to find certified captioners available for the time, who are willing to work on their dedicated time slot for the period of 7 days, covering 9 events ranging from 1.5 hours to 2 hours.


Needs Assessment

CaptioningStar conducted a comprehensive needs assessment in collaboration with the agency. This involved understanding the nature of the content discussed, the target audience, and any specific requirements related to terminology or jargon used in the sessions.

Integration with Zoom

CaptioningStar seamlessly integrated its closed captioning services with Zoom, for virtual events. This integration ensured a smooth and synchronized display of captions during the sessions. Our specialized tools helped the captioners to connect with the event easily, this connects both the streams and renders the output with the captions.

Dedicated Captioning Team

A dedicated team of experienced captioners was assigned to handle consecutive Zoom sessions for the organization. These professionals were well-versed in the nuances of international affairs and peace-related terminology, ensuring accurate and contextually relevant captions.

To meet the organization’s goal of providing live captioning for virtual events, CaptioningStar employed real-time captioning technology. This allowed participants to receive captions in near real-time, enhancing the overall accessibility of the sessions.

Quality Assurance

CaptioningStar implemented a rigorous quality assurance process to maintain the highest standards of accuracy. The captions underwent real-time reviews to ensure they accurately reflected the spoken content and conveyed the intended message.


The implementation of CaptioningStar’s closed captioning services had a significant impact on the accessibility and inclusivity of the International Peace Organization’s virtual events. Key outcomes include:


  • Improved Accessibility
  • Enhanced User Experience
  • Compliance with Accessibility Standards
  • Increased Engagement & Participation

Client Feedback

“We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from participants, acknowledging the effectiveness of the closed captioning services via Zoom and highlighting the organization’s commitment to accessibility standards. CaptioningStar’s contribution has been instrumental in reinforcing our mission of fostering understanding and collaboration on a global scale.”


                                                 – Associate Programme Management Officer


By partnering with CaptioningStar, the peace agency successfully addressed the challenge of accessibility in virtual events, making significant strides toward creating a more inclusive and globally accessible platform for peace-related discussions. Captioningstar’s collaboration with the agency showcased the importance of integrating closed captioning services to enhance the overall impact and reach of virtual events hosted by international organizations. Captioningstar determined to bring the world in the same plane leveled and equally accessible to everyone, moves forward accomplishing its goal on its way.