Zoom Live Captioning for Ford Foundation BUILD by Mallika Dutt

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Zoom Live Captioning For Mallika Dutt

Zoom Live Captioning For Mallika Dutt
mallika dutt

Client’s Background

Mallika Dutt specializes in creating plans and courses that help start a change in organizations and teams which are customized based on the practical understanding of the team and delivers unique possibilities.

Executive Summary

Ambika Pressman representing Mallika Dutt reached out to us with a requirement to live caption their zoom live training session conducted for Ford Foundation BUILD grantees. They had a total of 4 sessions spread over 2-days, and each session was about 1.5 hours.


The client required our help in closed captioning their live zoom sessions for two-days. This event covered various topics from around the world, presented by leaders of NGOs that are fighting for human rights. The aim was to help organizations advance their vision and scope in 2021. The virtual event was a training session on Culture Change, Narrative Strategy, and Storytelling led by cutting-edge practitioners to advance organizational vision and purpose in 2021.
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Our Solutions

Our experienced captioners were able to deliver quality zoom live captioning service to the client and make their event a grand success. The zoom live-captioning service was from English to English, where the primary goal was to improve accessibility for the audience members. Our captioners worked their magic via Streamtext which was integrated with the client’s zoom session.

Client Feedback

The client was happy with our live captioning service and signed up for another 4 events shortly after this project was rendered to completion.
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