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County Public Schools: Elevating Accessibility through Live Closed Captioning

County Public Schools: Elevating Accessibility through Live Closed Captioning
Accessibility through Live Closed Captioning

Committed to Inclusion

This project involved providing live closed captioning services for the County Public Schools, which educate over 129,000 students in Jacksonville, Florida. The client initially requested live closed captioning for their content on the Vimeo platform and subsequently asked for a year-long contract. We were tasked with delivering high-quality captioning services for 4 hours of content monthly. This case study outlines our structured approach to fulfilling the client’s requirements, ensuring timely and accurate service delivery, and highlights our commitment to long-term accessibility solutions.

Client Background

County Public Schools educates more than 129,000 students in the beautiful and fast-growing community of Jacksonville, Florida. As part of their commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, they sought to implement live closed captioning for their online content hosted on the Vimeo platform.

Project Scope and Objectives

The primary goal was to provide live closed captioning services for 4 hours of content each month. The key objectives included:

  • Ensuring real-time accuracy and synchronization of captions with live audio.
  • Delivering captions in formats compatible with the Vimeo platform.
  • Meeting monthly deadlines without compromising quality.

Service Agreement

After the initial request for live closed captioning, County Public Schools extended the engagement into a year-long contract. The service agreement included:

  • An initial consultation to understand the client’s specific requirements.
  • Allocation of a dedicated captioning team.
  • Utilization of software integrated with the Vimeo platform.
  • Development of a detailed workflow with built-in quality assurance measures.
  • Establishment of a clear delivery schedule.

Regular communication with the client to ensure alignment and address any concerns.

Approach and Execution

Initial Consultation
We began with an in-depth consultation to understand the specific needs and guidelines of County Public Schools. This step was critical in tailoring our services to meet their exact requirements, especially for live captioning.

Dedicated Team Allocation
A team of experienced captioners was assigned exclusively to the project. This team ensured consistency and maintained high standards throughout the duration of the project.

Industry-Standard Software
We utilized advanced captioning software integrated with Vimeo. This software facilitated the efficient handling of live content while ensuring precise synchronization and readability of captions.

Workflow Development
We developed a robust workflow to streamline the live captioning process, which included:

  • Real-time transcription of live audio content.
  • Time-coding and synchronization of captions.
  • Rigorous quality assurance checks to ensure accuracy.
  • Immediate review and approval before final delivery to the client.

Quality Assurance
Quality assurance was integrated into every step of the process. Our quality assurance strategy included:

  • Real-Time Monitoring: During each live session, a dedicated quality control specialist monitored the captions in real-time to identify and correct any errors immediately.
  • Post-Session Review: After each live session, captions were reviewed by a second specialist to ensure accuracy and completeness. Any identified issues were corrected before final delivery.
  • Consistency Checks: We implemented a consistency check to ensure that terminology, spelling, and formatting remained uniform across all sessions.
  • Client Feedback Loop: We established a feedback loop with the client to gather input after each session, allowing us to continuously refine our processes and address any specific concerns or preferences.

Delivery Schedule
A clear and realistic delivery schedule was set, dividing the 4 hours of monthly content into manageable sessions. Regular updates were provided to the client to keep them informed of our progress and any potential adjustments needed.

Client Communication
Maintaining regular communication with the client was essential. Daily meetings were held to discuss progress, address any issues, and incorporate feedback. This open line of communication ensured the project stayed on track and met the client’s expectations.


The project was successfully initiated and executed as per the client’s requirements. The outcomes included:

  • High-quality live captions that met the client’s standards and specifications.
  • Timely delivery of all live captioned content, enabling the client to meet their accessibility objectives.
  • Positive feedback from County Public Schools regarding the accuracy and professionalism of our services.

Ongoing Service Provision
Following the successful initiation of the live captioning services, County Public Schools expressed their satisfaction and extended the contract for ongoing monthly services. Our continued collaboration includes:

  • Monthly live captioning of new educational accessibility content.
  • Ongoing quality assurance and adherence to the established workflow.
  • Regular updates and consultations to ensure evolving needs are met.

Setting the Standard

Our structured approach, which included an initial consultation, a dedicated team, industry-standard software, and rigorous quality assurance, ensured the successful delivery of live closed captioning services for County Public Schools. By maintaining clear communication and adhering to a well-defined workflow, we were able to effectively meet the client’s needs and provide ongoing services tailored to their requirements. This case study demonstrates our commitment to delivering high-quality live closed captioning services that are both timely and reliable, fostering a long-term partnership with County Public Schools.