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Audio Description for a Renowned UK university

Audio Description for a Renowned UK university
Audio Description for a Renowned UK university


The UK-based University has a heritage of teaching all experts for over 200 years, from the beginning of the industrial revolution. They are known for their academic excellence and tradition. However, in its commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, the university sought to make its lectures accessible to individuals with visual impairments.

Recognizing the importance of audio descriptions, the university partnered with Captioningstar, a leading provider of captioning and audio description services, to enhance the accessibility of its lectures.

Client Background

The university, steeped in history and tradition, offers a wide range of academic programs and hosts lectures by esteemed faculty members. With a diverse student body and a commitment to inclusivity, the university recognized the need to accommodate students and audience members with visual impairments.

Client Requirements

The university aimed to provide audio descriptions for its Demonstration lectures to ensure that individuals with visual impairments could fully engage with the content. The audio descriptions needed to be accurate, detailed, and synchronized with the lecture content to provide a seamless experience for the audience.

The total video count was around 16 and every video lasted around 30 minutes. They requested the demonstration videos to be accurate.


Our Team collaborated closely with the university to understand its requirements and tailor the audio description services accordingly.

The following steps were undertaken

Needs Assessment

Captioningstar conducted a comprehensive needs assessment to understand the university’s goals, audience demographics, and specific requirements for audio descriptions.

Content Analysis

Each lecture was carefully reviewed to identify key visual elements that needed to be described, such as slides, charts, diagrams, and physical demonstrations.

Script Development

Experienced scriptwriters crafted detailed audio descriptions that effectively conveyed visual information without interrupting the flow of the lecture.

Voice Talent Selection

Captioningstar engaged professional voice artists with expertise in audio description to record the descriptions in a clear and engaging manner.

Quality Assurance

Rigorous quality assurance processes were implemented to ensure the accuracy, clarity, and consistency of the audio descriptions.


Once the audio descriptions were created, Captioningstar seamlessly integrated them into the university’s lecture videos. The audio descriptions were synchronized with the lecture content to ensure that they provided relevant information at the appropriate times. The university also provided feedback throughout the process to ensure that the audio descriptions met their expectations.


The implementation of audio descriptions significantly enhanced the accessibility of the university’s lectures, allowing individuals with visual impairments to fully engage with the content. Feedback from students, faculty, and other stakeholders was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing gratitude for the university’s commitment to inclusivity. The partnership with Captioningstar was instrumental in achieving this milestone.


From the initial consultation to the final implementation, the Captioningstar team demonstrated a deep understanding of our requirements and worked tirelessly to ensure that the audio descriptions accurately conveyed the visual elements of our lectures.

The scriptwriting was exceptional, capturing the essence of each visual element while seamlessly integrating with the lecture content. Moreover, the selection of voice talent was impeccable, with each artist delivering the descriptions in a clear, engaging, and professional manner.

Asst.Professor and Course Co-Ordinator


By partnering with us, the university demonstrated its commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. Through careful planning, execution, and collaboration, we successfully enhanced the accessibility of its content, ensuring that individuals with visual impairments can fully participate in its academic programs and events. This proves a testament to our dedication and a step further on our mission.