Enhancing Accessibility with Live Audio Description at The Second City

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CaptioningStar’s Remote Audio Description Triumph for The Second City

CaptioningStar’s Remote Audio Description Triumph for The Second City
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This case study examines how CaptioningStar navigated the challenges of The Second City with agility and creativity, ultimately providing a remote audio description solution that upheld its high standards of accessibility and patron experience.

Client Background

The Second City, a premier name in improv-based sketch comedy and education, is renowned for its dedication to entertaining, inspiring, and transforming audiences through its unique brand of courageous comedy. As part of their commitment to inclusivity, The Second City strives to make all their performances accessible to a diverse audience, including those with visual impairments. The Second City aims to make its performances accessible to all patrons. The Second City approached us for a patron needing live on-site audio description for an upcoming Main Stage Revue in Brooklyn, the team faced a tight schedule and immediate challenge.


The Lead Technical Director at The Second City approached CaptioningStar with a critical requirement. The client needed live on-site audio description services for a visually impaired patron planning to attend the March 14th performance of their Main Stage Revue at the new Brooklyn venue. Given the tight timeline and the proximity of the event, the request presented a time-sensitive challenge. Despite diligent efforts, local describers were unavailable, prompting a need for an innovative solution.


  1. Provide an immediate and effective audio description solution that could be implemented remotely.
  2. Ensure that the technical setup would be straightforward and manageable by the client, without requiring advanced technical resources.
  3. Deliver a seamless experience for the audience members requiring the description service, ensuring they enjoy the full performance without barriers.


Upon assessing the situation and the client’s initial preference for Zoom, which could not be met due to technical limitations (lack of a premier Zoom version), CaptioningStar proposed using Google Meet (Gmeet) for the audio description service. This recommendation was based on several factors:

Ease to Use: Gmeet is user-friendly and would facilitate a smooth experience for all parties involved.

Accessibility: As a widely accessible platform, Gmeet ensured that no additional software or subscriptions were necessary.

Reliability: Known for its stability, Gmeet would support uninterrupted audio transmission.

With the clients’ approval, CaptioningStar proceeded to coordinate the remote audio description. This involved:

1. Selecting and Briefing the Describer: A skilled audio describer was selected from CaptioningStar’s network. The describer was briefed in detail about the specifics of the event and the nature of the performance to ensure accurate and engaging descriptions.

2. Technical Setup and Testing: Prior to the event, CaptioningStar conducted a thorough test of the audio description setup using Gmeet to ensure that there were no technical issues.

3. Real-Time Support: During the performance, CaptioningStar provided real-time technical support to handle any unforeseen issues, ensuring a smooth experience.


The event was a resounding success. The remote audio description was seamlessly delivered, enhancing the accessibility of the performance for the visually impaired patron. The Second City was able to uphold its commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, receiving positive feedback from the patron and other attendees. The Technical Director commended CaptioningStar for its effective coordination and the quality of the audio description service, which significantly contributed to the event’s success.
This comment was based on the following factors:

Successful Implementation: The remote audio description service was successfully delivered using Google Meet, ensuring the patron could fully experience the performance despite the initial challenges.

Enhanced Accessibility: The solution provided by CaptioningStar significantly enhanced the accessibility of The Second City’s performance, enabling a visually impaired patron to enjoy the comedy revue without barriers.

Reinforced Commitment to Inclusivity: The event underscored The Second City’s commitment to inclusivity, demonstrating its dedication to making performances accessible to a diverse audience, including those with visual impairments.

Demonstration of Technical Agility: The case illustrated CaptioningStar’s ability to adapt to unforeseen circumstances and leverage technology to meet client needs effectively, even under tight deadlines.

Strengthened Client Relationship: The successful execution of this project reinforced the ongoing partnership between The Second City and CaptioningStar, positioning CaptioningStar as a reliable provider of accessible solutions for future events.

Client Satisfaction: The Second City expressed high satisfaction with the swift and effective solution provided by CaptioningStar, particularly appreciating the seamless integration and professional handling of the service.

Positive Patron Feedback: The visually impaired patron and other attendees provided positive feedback, appreciating the inclusivity and quality of the audio description, which made the performance accessible and enjoyable.


This case illustrates CaptioningStar’s ability to quickly adapt to client needs and provide high-quality, accessible solutions in challenging situations. By leveraging technology and expertise, CaptioningStar helped The Second City ensure that all patrons, regardless of their physical abilities, could fully participate in and enjoy their innovative comedy performances. This partnership highlighted the importance of accessibility in the arts and demonstrated CaptioningStar’s commitment to making every event inclusive.