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Case Study – Enhancing Accessibility in Translation Company Webinars with Zoom Closed Captions

Case Study – Enhancing Accessibility in Translation Company Webinars with Zoom Closed Captions
Enhancing Accessibility Zoom Closed Captions


As the demand for accessible and inclusive communication continues to grow, translation companies are seeking innovative solutions to cater to diverse audiences. In this case study, we explore how Captioningstar partnered with a leading translation company to provide Zoom Closed Captions for their webinars, thereby enhancing accessibility and engagement for all participants.

Client Background

Our client, a prominent translation company based in Utah, regularly hosts webinars to educate and engage their audience on language services, cultural nuances, and industry trends. With a global audience spanning various language backgrounds, ensuring accessibility for all participants was paramount to their mission.
They had a webinar planned to educate a variety of audiences on educating and collaborating.

Initial Request

Our client approached us directly with a request for a comprehensive accessibility solution for their webinar series. The primary platform being Zoom, they asked for closed captions to be provided for over five consecutive sessions, each spanning more than one hour, spread across five days. Despite anticipating challenges, we proceeded with a straightforward plan to fulfill their needs.


Despite their expertise in translation services, our client faced challenges in providing real-time accessibility solutions during their webinars. Language barriers often hinder effective communication, limiting the engagement of non-native speakers and individuals with hearing impairments.


Recognizing the need for inclusive communication, our client partnered with Captioningstar to integrate Zoom Closed Captions into their webinar platform. Leveraging Zoom’s built-in Closed Captioning feature, our team of experienced captioners provided real-time transcription of spoken content during the webinars.



Our team collaborated closely with the client to understand their webinar schedule, content, and audience demographics.


We configured Zoom’s Closed Captioning settings to ensure seamless integration with the client’s webinar platform.


Prior to each webinar, we conducted thorough testing to verify the accuracy and functionality of the Closed Captioning feature.

Live Captioning

During the webinars, our team of professional captioners provided real-time transcription of spoken content, ensuring accessibility for all participants.


The addition of Zoom Closed Captions has transformed our webinars, making them more accessible and engaging for our diverse audience.”Captioningstar’s captioners demonstrated exceptional accuracy and professionalism, ensuring that every word spoken was accurately transcribed. Thanks to the Closed Captioning feature, our non-native English speakers and participants with hearing impairments can now fully participate in our webinars.

~ Project Manager, Operations


Enhanced Accessibility

The integration of Zoom Closed Captions has significantly enhanced accessibility for participants, breaking down language barriers and ensuring inclusivity for all.

Increased Engagement

With real-time transcription of spoken content, webinar participants are more engaged and better able to follow along with the presentation.

Positive Reception

The addition of Closed Captions has been met with widespread praise from participants, reinforcing the client’s commitment to accessibility and inclusivity.


By partnering with Captioningstar to integrate Zoom Closed Captions into their webinars, they demonstrated their dedication to accessibility and inclusivity. The enhanced accessibility has not only improved the webinar experience for participants but has also strengthened the client’s reputation as a leader in inclusive communication within the translation industry.

In conclusion, the successful implementation of Zoom Closed Captions by Captioningstar has empowered our client to reach a wider audience, break down language barriers, and foster greater engagement and inclusivity in their webinars.