Event Accessibility - Case Study on Live Captioning Success.

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Event Accessibility – A Case Study on Exceptional Closed Captioning Services

Event Accessibility – A Case Study on Exceptional Closed Captioning Services

A Journey with Our Closed Captioning Services

Our client initially approached us to enhance event accessibility service during their live events. This case study outlines the evolution of our collaboration, highlighting how our high-quality closed captioning services have become a cornerstone of their event management strategy. As a result, we have significantly increased both the volume of work and the overall value delivered, ensuring inclusive and engaging experiences for all attendees.

Solution and Implementation

For this event accessibility, we deployed our team of experienced captioners along with our state-of-the-art captioning technology. Our focus was on:

  • Accuracy: Ensuring that every spoken word was correctly transcribed.
  • Speed: Delivering captions in real-time without delays.
  • Reliability: Maintaining a seamless captioning service throughout the event planning.

Our team successfully delivered captions with over 99% accuracy, meeting their standards and exceeding their expectations.


The success of the initial project led to a significant expansion of our collaboration. Impressed by our quality and reliability, they decided to scale up their use of our services. Key outcomes included:

  • Increased Engagement: The availability of closed captions improved the accessibility services for the client’s events, leading to higher participation rates.
  • Enhanced Reputation: Demonstrating their commitment to accessibility services strengthened their reputation as an inclusive organization.
  • Ongoing Partnership: From a single event, our partnership expanded to managing up to 20 events monthly, ensuring continuous support and accessibility for all their sessions.

Growth and Financial Impact

As our partnership grew, so did the financial benefits. With a minimum billing of $1000 per month, our consistent and scalable service model provided them with the flexibility to manage a larger volume of events without compromising on quality. This steady revenue stream also allowed us to invest further in improving our technology and training our team, ensuring we could meet our client’s evolving needs.

Post-Webinar Success and Expanded Engagement

Following the successful execution of the Portuguese webinar, the organization approached us with a new requirement for Arabic captioning services. Recognizing the quality and reliability of our work, they registered us as an official vendor for their language service needs.

Future Outlook

Our collaboration with this client highlights the importance of providing high-quality accessibility services. The initial success in January 2022 was just the beginning of a fruitful partnership that continues to thrive. By consistently delivering exceptional closed captioning services, we have played a crucial role in even accessibility of our client’s mission to make their events more inclusive. This case study serves as a testament to the value of investing in quality and reliability, leading to sustained growth and mutual success.

Looking ahead, we are committed to further enhancing our services to support expanding their needs. Our focus will remain on leveraging the latest technologies and best practices in closed captioning to ensure we continue to deliver the highest standards of service. We plan to explore innovations in AI-driven captioning tools, enhance our training programs for captioners, and expand our service offerings to include multilingual captioning and transcription services, ensuring that our client can reach an even broader audience.

By staying at the forefront of accessibility technology and maintaining our unwavering commitment to quality, we are confident that our partnership with this client will continue to grow, driving both our success and theirs in making workplaces more inclusive for all.

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