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Multilingual Milestone in Real-Time Captioning from Portuguese to Arabic

Multilingual Milestone in Real-Time Captioning from Portuguese to Arabic
Challenges In Audio Description Services

Partnership Journey from Portuguese to Arabic

An organization committed to harnessing the digital economy to deliver high-quality, curated language services by refugees and their host communities recently approached us with a unique requirement. They needed a Portuguese captioner for a live webinar, aiming to ensure accessibility and inclusivity for all participants. This case study outlines our successful collaboration for the Portuguese webinar, showcasing our ability to deliver top-notch real-time captioning services. Following this success, we expanded our engagement to include Arabic captioning services, marking our transition from prospective partners to official vendors. This partnership underscores our commitment to adaptability, quality, and inclusivity in language services.

Client Background

Our client’s organization, driven by a name which means “we speak” in Arabic, is a pioneering entity that leverages the skills of refugees and their host communities to deliver exceptional language services. Their mission is to create opportunities for refugees while providing top-notch language solutions to their clients.

Project Scope and Objectives

The primary goal was to provide real-time closed captioning services for a live webinar in Portuguese. The webinar was scheduled for June 11, 2024, from 2:00 PM to 4:30 PM UTC. Key objectives included:

  • Ensuring accurate and real-time closed captions during the meeting.
  • Enhancing accessibility and inclusivity for all participants.
  • Meeting the client’s high standards for quality and reliability.

Approach and Execution

Initial Consultation

We began with an in-depth consultation with the organization to understand their specific needs and requirements for the Portuguese webinar. This step was critical in tailoring our services to ensure a seamless and high-quality captioning experience.

Team Allocation

A dedicated team of experienced Portuguese captioners was assigned to the project. This team was selected for their expertise in real-time captioning and their proficiency in Portuguese, ensuring that the captions would be accurate and timely.

Preparation and Testing

In the lead-up to the event, we conducted thorough testing of our captioning software and equipment to ensure flawless performance on the day of the webinar. This included simulations of the live event to identify and address any potential technical issues.

Live Event Execution

On June 11, 2024, our team successfully provided real-time closed captioning for the live webinar. The captions were synchronized perfectly with the discussion, ensuring that all participants could follow along easily. The event went smoothly, and our client was highly satisfied with the quality and accuracy of the captions.

Post-Webinar Success and Expanded Engagement

Following the successful execution of the Portuguese webinar, the organization approached us with a new requirement for Arabic captioning services. Recognizing the quality and reliability of our work, they registered us as an official vendor for their language service needs.

New Project Scope: Arabic Captioning Services

With the new engagement, our objectives expanded to include:

  • Providing real-time Arabic closed captioning for upcoming webinars and meetings.
  • Maintaining the same high standards of accuracy and quality that were achieved in the Portuguese webinar.
  • Continuously improving our services to meet the evolving needs of our client.

Results and Impact

Successful Portuguese Webinar: The live webinar on June 11, 2024, was a success, with accurate and timely closed captions provided throughout the event.

Expanded Services: Following the webinar, we were engaged to provide Arabic captioning services, demonstrating the client’s trust in our capabilities.

Official Vendor Status: Our registration as an official vendor underscores our commitment to delivering high-quality language services and our ability to meet diverse client needs.

From Prospects to Partners

Our collaboration with our client highlights our expertise in providing real-time closed captioning services for diverse languages and settings. By successfully delivering Portuguese live captioning and expanding our services to include Arabic, we have strengthened our partnership with our client. This case study demonstrates our ability to adapt to client needs, ensure high-quality service delivery, and contribute to the mission of making language services accessible to all.