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Onsite Cart Solution for a Renowned New England University’s Training Event

Onsite Cart Solution for a Renowned New England University’s Training Event
Onsite Cart Solution for a Renowned New England University's Training Event


Accessibility has become a paramount concern for institutions aiming to provide equal opportunities for all individuals including top-tier universities. For universities, ensuring accessibility during significant events like graduation ceremonies is crucial. This case study delves into how We, a leading captioning service provider, partnered with a renowned university in New England to deliver onsite captioning services during its graduation ceremony, facilitating accessibility for all attendees.

Client Profile

The university is a prestigious institution known for its academic excellence and commitment to inclusivity. Situated in New England, it attracts a diverse student body from across the globe. With a strong emphasis on providing equal access to education, the university continually seeks innovative solutions to enhance accessibility for its students, faculty, staff, and guests.

The Approach

The university arranged an extensive training program for all the students who are about to enter the real world after graduation. The Training Program had an agenda of 3 days spanning various closed circuit and general events. Going over 6 hours and various speakers attending the program, it is essential to elevate the event with Closed Captions.


As the university prepared for its training event, accessibility for individuals with hearing impairments and students from other linguistic backgrounds emerged as a primary concern. Recognizing the importance of ensuring all attendees could fully participate in and enjoy the ceremony, the university sought a reliable captioning solution that would provide real-time transcription of speeches, announcements, and other verbal content.


We were approached by the university to develop a tailored solution for the training program. Understanding the unique requirements of the event, our Team proposed the deployment of an onsite cart equipped with state-of-the-art captioning equipment and manned by experienced captioners.


Our Team collaborated closely with the university’s event management team to ensure seamless integration of the onsite cart solution into the event. Key steps in the implementation process included:

1. Needs Assessment

We conducted a comprehensive assessment of the event venue, considering factors such as acoustics, sightlines, and audience demographics, to determine the optimal placement of the onsite cart for maximum accessibility.

2. Equipment Setup

Our Setup team installed and configured the necessary captioning equipment on the onsite cart, including high-definition monitors, captioning software, and audio interfaces.

3. Staff Training

Experienced captioners underwent specialized training to familiarize themselves with the university’s terminology, speakers’ accents, and other nuances specific to the event. This ensured the delivery of accurate and timely captions throughout the ceremony.

4. Testing and Optimization

Prior to the commencement of the event, we conducted rigorous testing of the onsite cart to ensure seamless functionality and readability of captions from various vantage points within the venue. Any technical issues were promptly addressed to guarantee a flawless user experience.


Captioningstar’s onsite cart solution proved to be instrumental in enhancing accessibility and inclusivity during the university’s graduation ceremony. The key outcomes of the collaboration included:

1. Real-time Captioning

Attendees with hearing impairments were able to follow the proceedings of the ceremony in real-time, thanks to the live captions displayed on the onsite cart’s monitors.

2. Enhanced Engagement

The availability of onsite captioning encouraged greater participation and engagement among all attendees, fostering a sense of inclusivity and belonging within the university community.


We were incredibly impressed with Captioningstar’s onsite cart solution at our graduation ceremony. It provided seamless accessibility for all attendees, ensuring everyone could fully participate in the event. The accuracy and timeliness of the captions were commendable, earning praise from both students and faculty. Thank you, Captioningstar, for helping us create an inclusive and memorable experience for our university community.

Vice Chancellor


By partnering with us, to implement an onsite cart solution for its training program, the renowned university from New England demonstrated its unwavering dedication to inclusivity and accessibility. Through meticulous planning, expert execution, and seamless integration, we enabled individuals with hearing impairments to fully participate in and enjoy this momentous event, exemplifying the transformative power of technology in promoting equality and inclusivity within educational settings.