Learning Accessibility with SCORM Support for LMS Captioning Solutions for a Texas-based University

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Promoting Learning Accessibility with SCORM Support for LMS Captioning Solutions for a Texas-based University

Promoting Learning Accessibility with SCORM Support for LMS Captioning Solutions for a Texas-based University
SCORM Support for LMS Captions


For universities, providing equal access to educational materials for all students is not just a legal obligation but a moral imperative. One critical aspect of accessibility is captioning content within Learning Management Systems (LMS).

Client Background

The client, a prestigious university in Texas, has a diverse student body with varying needs, including those with hearing impairments. Their commitment to accessibility led them to implement captioning for multimedia content across their LMS. However, they faced challenges in incorporating SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) support into their existing captioning solutions. SCORM compatibility was crucial for seamless integration with various e-learning modules and content packages within the LMS.


SCORM Integration
The university’s LMS lacked native support for SCORM packages, making it difficult to incorporate SCORM-compliant content alongside captioning.

Content Diversification
The university required the ability to caption a wide range of multimedia content, including videos, audio files, and interactive e-learning modules.

User Experience
Any solution implemented had to maintain a user-friendly experience for both content creators and students accessing the materials.

Solution Provided

Custom SCORM Integration

Our team collaborated closely with the university’s IT department to develop a custom solution for SCORM integration within their LMS. This involved creating a middleware layer that facilitated seamless communication between SCORM packages and the captioning system.

Flexible Captioning Platform

We enhanced the university’s existing captioning platform to support a diverse range of multimedia content. This included developing algorithms for the automatic captioning of videos and real-time captioning for live streams.

User Interface Refinement

To ensure a smooth user experience, we redesigned the user interface of the captioning platform, making it intuitive for content creators to upload, edit, and manage captions. We also implemented responsive design principles to optimize accessibility across devices.

Implementation Process

Discovery Phase

We conducted thorough discussions with key stakeholders from the university to understand their specific requirements and challenges.

Development Phase

Our development team worked iteratively to build and test the custom SCORM integration solution and enhance the captioning platform’s functionality.

Integration and Testing

We integrated the new solution into the university’s existing LMS infrastructure and conducted extensive testing to ensure compatibility and functionality across various scenarios.

Training and Support

We provided comprehensive training sessions for the university’s staff on how to use the new captioning solution effectively. Additionally, we offered ongoing support and maintenance services to address any issues that arose post-implementation.


Improved Accessibility

The integration of SCORM support into the university’s captioning solutions significantly enhanced accessibility for students, particularly those with hearing impairments.

Streamlined Content Management

Content creators at the university reported greater efficiency in managing multimedia content with the new captioning platform, leading to time savings and improved productivity.


“We are extremely pleased with Captioningstar’s solution for our LMS captioning needs. Their custom SCORM integration has seamlessly addressed our accessibility challenges, ensuring all students have equal access to educational content.

The flexibility of their captioning platform has streamlined content management, saving our staff valuable time. Additionally, their responsive support team has been instrumental in providing timely assistance whenever needed. Captioningstar has significantly eased our LMS problems and contributed to a more inclusive learning environment for our students.”

~ Senior Course Co-Ordinator


By collaborating with the Texas-based university to provide SCORM support for their LMS captioning solutions, our company successfully addressed their accessibility challenges and contributed to fostering an inclusive learning environment. This case study highlights the importance of customizing solutions to meet the specific needs of educational institutions and the positive impact of leveraging technology to enhance accessibility in education.