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Closed Captioning

Types of Closed Captions

Roll-up Captions

Are you looking for live television broadcasting?

Without a second thought, use roll-up captions as they are most commonly in live programming. Roll-up captions scroll up two to three lines at a time and are either from the top or bottom of the screen. Then the top line disappears off the screen to make room for a new line that continuously rolls up in sync with the audio. These captions are always verbatim, and using accurate grammar or punctuation is not necessary. Apart from live captioning, roll-up captions are sometimes preferred in pre-recorded videos where there is a single speaker in educational videos or when narrating documentaries.

Pop-on Captions

Would you like to create accessible videos to reach a bigger audience?

If yes, prefer pop-on style closed captions. Pop-on captions are exclusively used for pre-recorded videos and appear in blocks of one to three lines at a time. This set of captions are then replaced by a new set such that the text and audio are synchronized. These captions include all the on-screen text or information with speaker identification, accurate grammar, and spelling. This style also includes sound effects and other non-speech noises. Pop-on captions are more time-synchronized, accurate, and descriptive.

Live Closed Captioning

We cover all your spoken dialogues and enable them on a screen that is delivered in real-time. Cover a wider audience and remove all language barriers with live Closed Captioning. We use Human captioners, not software, to convert speech into text

Closed captions

We strive to match the text to the audio to ensure acceptable synchronization.

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No Boundaries on Formats

Any format in, any format out approach of us allows you to share your files without worrying about formats and conversions.

.SRTPopular caption file format
.WebVTTThe new W3C standard for captioning in HTML5.
.SBVSubViewer file format.
.DFXPW3C standard for captioning, used widely in Flash players
.SMIFor Windows Media Player.
.QTQuickTime captions.
.RTRealText captions for RealPlayer.
.SLTSpruce subtitle format for DVD Studio Pro.
.SUBCaptions for Sonic DVD Creator.
.SMPTE-TTThe FCC safe harbor format for IP captioning. Similar to DFXP.
.SCCScenarist Closed Caption format.
AVID SSSubtitle format supported by Avid systems.
JSONWord-level timing and confidence data.
MULTILINGUAL .DFXPMultilingual DFXP file generated via machine translation.

Post-Event Services

Provide interactive transcripts/ verbatim print materials

Enable Closed captions to your videos and upload them to various video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Veho, and more.

Live stream your pre-recorded videos on your favorite social media platforms

Upload videos to an OTT platform or VOD platform of your choice

Upload videos to an e-learning platform/ Learning Management System(LMS)

Video enhancement services like editing/trimming

Providing optimal Search Engine Optimization(SEO) to your videos

Converting videos into podcasts and uploading them on platforms like Buzzsprout, Podcasts, and more

Converting videos into podcasts and uploading them on platforms like Buzzsprout, Podcasts, and more.

Interested in Burnt-in or Embedded captions?

You may also refer to these captions as CEA-608 and CEA-708, or just 608/708 or Line 21 Captions and are widely used for analog broadcast television. Embedded captions are hard-coded into the video and have no option to enable/disable captions.

You can also embed captions to your live videos.

CEA-608 is the primary format caption in analog National Television System Committee (NTSC) in the US. These are old format captions and are still relevant for digital video.

CEA-708 is the new standard primary format captions for in-band captions in Advanced Television System Committee (NTSC) transmissions in the US.

CEA-608 Format AnalogCEA-708 Format Digital
It appears in analog broadcastsIt appears in digital broadcasts
Appears in a standard position at the bottom of the screen with a black background in white lettersCan appear anywhere on the screen as long as it complies to FCC guidelines without blocking the essential information on-screen.
It does not include punctuation, noises, or indicate which character is speaking It includes punctuation, non-speech noises, and they indentify the speaker
Cannot support special characters of alphabets used in other languages Supports all special characters and alphabets used in most languages
Support 7 languages: French, German, Italian, Dutch, English, Portuguese, Spanish Supports almost all languages
Information can be encrypted via Line 21 Information can be encoded via MPEG-2 streams

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