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Dubbing is where you re-voice the original content in either the native language or the target language. We roll the video with the time code on top, making sure the voice artist delivers the dialogues accurately according to the timestamps on the transcripts. Dubbed voice replaces the native language to target a particular audience or people in a specific geographical location. For instance, English films are dubbed for people in the Asian continent to entertain the audience there. Thus dubbing opens up an opportunity for foreign language content despite physical barriers.


Most of us think voiceover and dubbing are similar. Both re-voice the original content, but the two are different. Dubbing retains the original content, and the lip movements are accurately synchronized, whereas voiceover is all kinds of narrating a video. It lacks the emotions and tonality of the original content and is much similar to storytelling. Voiceover is often noticeable to the audience. Voiceover plays a unique role when it comes to certain animation films, documentaries, e-learning and training videos, news segments, ad spots, and commercials.

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Are you still confused about choosing between Dubbing and Voiceover? Upload your work here, and we will help you sort it with the best technique.

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Languages we support

We offer services in the following languages but are not limited to these. You can avail of our services in either English to any foreign language or vice versa. 

  • English Spanish
  • English French
  • English Russian
  • English German
  • English Portuguese
  • English Italian
  • English Arabic
  • English Chinese
  • English Japanese
  • English Ukrainian
  • English Thai
  • English Vietnamese

Industries we work with

Media and Entertainment

E-learning content







Various types of Dubbing/ Voiceover services we offer

Phrase sync dubbing

Timed audio dubbing

Lip sync dubbing

UN-style voiceover

Off-Camera voiceover

Ask us in any tone, expression, emotion, or intonation for any audio/ video. We have the expertise to deliver it.

Other services offered by CaptioningStar

Live Captioning/ Live Transcription provides real-time subtitles for any of your live events or shows.

Translate from the video’s source language to the target language of your choice and add subtitles.

Host any type of event on any streaming platform or directly stream it on your social media pages.

Multilingual live language interpretations in over 100 languages for all your meetings and events.

ASL interpreting services are highly regulated. We are exceptional and employ certified interpreters.

Do you have a library of pre-recorded videos? Upload them. We offer several post-event services.

Make your live/ real-time captions appear on a separate window or device with StreamText.

Revoice the original soundtrack in any language of your preference to target new audiences.

Get your free, proofread, verbatim print materials 48 hours after your live or post-event videos.

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