English and Spanish Subtitles for a Media Distribution Company

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English and Spanish Subtitles for a Media Distribution Company

English and Spanish Subtitles for a Media Distribution Company
English & Spanish

Media Distribution

The Client is a New York-based film distribution company that specializes in delivering films and television series to a global audience. They have a substantial reach, distributing content to over 110 countries worldwide across more than 30 platforms. Their success is underscored by impressive numbers, boasting over 5,000 digital assets and partnerships with over 200 content providers. Each month, They stream over 30 million hours of content, demonstrating its significant impact and presence in the media distribution landscape.

The Media company’s extensive reach and successful track record make it a notable player in the film distribution industry, particularly in the dynamic New York media scene.

Initial TouchBase

The COO of the Media company approached us via organic search seeking English and Spanish Subtitles for post-production and distribution. Ranging more than 1.30 hours, there were a few movies that needed to be captioned and subtitled.

Since it’s a big distribution company, the potential of the media company becoming a long-term partner was high. Before getting there, we had to prove our expertise.

Our Pricing

After a quick evaluation by our team, we developed an estimate that detailed the costs for translation, subtitles, and captions. We swiftly prepared a comprehensive quotation, which was immediately sent to the client for their approval. Our solutions stand out for their simplicity, affordability, and adherence to industry standards.

The client initially requested a more budget-friendly quote, considering their firm’s novelty. Our team promptly revised the proposal to accommodate their budget constraints. They agreed on the final terms we proposed and appreciated our approach and vision.


The main challenge in this project was ensuring accuracy by delivering the exact translation and the right language, along with his English Closed Captions. The deadline for the project was immediate, so, we swiftly proceeded by approaching the right captioners who are well-versed in Spanish Slang and Accents. 

Post Production

We had to prepare the post-production process on time due to the delivery constraints. We had our editors and proofreaders ready, working side-by-side to deliver the final output after merging and synchronizing the content with the subtitles and captions.

Turn Around Time

The client was in a hurry to deliver the movie for a renowned OTT, as the release date had been set prior. As a last-minute request, the client turned to us. We with our mighty team decided to deliver the files within the shortest possible time. 

The turnaround time was just 3 days to deliver captions and subtitles.

Quality Assurance

Our dedicated in-house team, known for their meticulous attention to detail, was committed to maintaining industry standards and ensuring the high quality of our solutions. This commitment involved an ongoing process of facing and overcoming challenges. To ensure the highest quality, we employed stringent testing and quality control procedures. This method of thorough verification proved especially beneficial in scenarios requiring rapid delivery, as it minimized the risk of producing and delivering subpar content.

Despite these hurdles, the team’s unwavering commitment, exceptional problem-solving abilities, and strong collaborative efforts enabled us to navigate through challenges effectively and achieve successful results for the project.

Client Feedback

Despite the short notice and myriad of challenges, we have developed the solutions to make the delivery. Our robust solutions speak for themselves, however, read what our client says.


“The captioning and subtitling projects have garnered a distinctive following among the audience, thanks to the CaptioningStar Team’s unwavering commitment to providing an outstanding video experience. Captioningstar played a pivotal role in the success of these movies.”


                                                                 –   Chief Operating Officer


The success of the movies is notable, as the content is now more accessible to individuals facing challenges, thanks to effective captioning and subtitling.

Key accomplishments include:

Boosting Audience Involvement

CaptioningStar has played a vital role in enhancing audience engagement by making content more accessible and understandable.

Accessibility for the Disabled Community

The service has been instrumental in reaching out to and including the disabled community, ensuring they have access to all walks of content.

Effective Educational Outreach

Through their services, CaptioningStar has facilitated a 

better film experience among audiences.

CaptioningStar’s Purpose

CaptioningStar is dedicated to promoting inclusivity, accessibility, and empowerment in communication. Their mission involves removing barriers to information by offering top-tier captioning and transcription services. They serve a variety of sectors, including media, education, and business, aiming to close the communication gap for those with hearing challenges and for people in need of multilingual options.

Their commitment goes beyond basic transcription, as they aim to enhance the overall experience of viewing and learning for all audiences. Utilizing advanced technology and a team of skilled professionals, CaptioningStar is driven by the goal of creating a world where communication is unbounded. They work towards making every piece of content accessible to all, irrespective of individual abilities or language preferences.