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Host & Engage Conferences with our Event Accessibility services

Communication Collaboration

Meetings, Webinars, Townhalls & Video Portal

Live Subtitling Captioning

Translate from the video’s source language to the target language and add subtitles.

Live Stream Captioning

Host any type of event on any platform and stream it on your social media pages.

ASL Interpretations

ASL interpreting services are highly regulated. We are familiar with that and interpret.

Pre-recorded Video Captioning

Do you have a library of pre-recorded videos? Bring them to us. We make them better.

Streamtext Real-time Captioning

Make your live captions appear on a separate window or device with Streamtext.

Virtual Interpreters

Hire our remote telephone interpreters. We support as many as 50+ languages.

Lip Reading Oral Transliteration

Translate the message of a deaf person to a hearing person and vice versa.

Verbatim & Transcripts

Get your free, proofread verbatim print materials in 48 hours after your events.


Never miss anything in an event. We are ready to take notes on the go. Go paper-free

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One stop platform for your Event Accessibility needs

Share Event(s) Schedule & Access with Key, Get captioner information, Download event transcripts, place post event service orders, Edit event recordings restream/playback the video at your designed platforms and reach wider audience.
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We are not yet done ! Repurpose your Live Events


Do you have a library of video recordings? Here are numerous ways to repuorpose it.

Upload your videos into our iSchedule platform in just one click. Select the required post-event service.

Opt for Standard, Rush, or Super Rush TAT. Finally, receive perfect, trimmed videos with post-event services enabled.

Directly stream these videos from iScheduler to any platform of your choice. Integration authentication is ensured before streaming. Also, download your caption files in any desired output format of your choice.

We offer free transcripts/ Verbatim print materials for each of your sessions.

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