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CaptioningStar is trusted by 5000+ Organizations. A very few are:

Grammy Awards USA
Linkedin USA
Suny Old Westbuy New York
Zero Point Zero New York City
Motivate design NYC
Paget films_New York City
Barry Bordetsky USA
Newyork state_NY
DCX New York
closed captioning company USA
MediaStream_New York City
LuckyTV New York City
Vice_New York
Greenway USA

Captioning service highlights

CaptioningStar provides premium Live Webinar / Virtual Event Captioning services with GoToWebinar platform. We have expertise and technology to channel the live captions virtually with over 99% of accuracy.

  • CaptioningStar along with GoToWebinar promotes the webinar effectively with 99% accuracy in captions.
  • Captioners with relevant experience of 8 years in the field produce timely delivery of captions at affordable rates.

Top captioning services we offer (but not limited to)

Closed captioning service

40% of video production companies in NY use our closed captions.

Open captioning service

About 90% of the clients recognized us as a worthwhile resource.

Real time captioning service

History of captioning around 1000+ hours in real time.

Embedded captioning service

Delivered captions in 15+ customized output formats.

Remote live captioning service

Captions streamed in seconds even when kilometers apart.

Broadcast captioning service

Captioned 25+ types of TV shows in top-rated channels.