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Unified Government Video Platform

A scalable video platform can bring tons of benefiting changes simultaneously meeting the existing needs. Keeping in mind, we provide an integrated government video platform for Government essential services

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A solution that streamlines your entire process

Our inclusive solution helps you to keep in track of legislative recordings and document and workflow integration. With our wide range of video management solutions, it has now become easy to live stream community events, operate government tube portals providing you with top-level security.

Video Translation Service

A solution that conforms to the entire regulatory and compliance requirement for




Do less and gain more

Maintaining workflow seems to be one tiring process. A well-managed workflow balances the work system. That being said, managing a successful workflow in a government sector is crucial for both internal and external development.

  • Fully automated hardware and software-based capturing solution
  • Content distribution, storage and access management
  • Scalable, reliable and secure sharing platform
  • Uninterrupted live streaming that helps in a seamless workflow

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