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Image Description

Image Description Services for Improved Accessibility and User Experience

By partnering with Captioning Star, museums can demonstrate their commitment to accessibility and inclusivity. Check below to learn how we can help you make your museum accessible to all visitors.

Captioning star services are providers of image description services, also known as alt-text, that aim to make images accessible to people with visual impairments or disabilities. These services typically use AI or human editors to generate concise and accurate descriptions of the content of an image, allowing screen readers and other assistive technologies to communicate the information to users. By providing descriptive text for images, captioning star services help to ensure that the web is accessible to everyone.

Enhancing Accessibility with Precise and Engaging Image Descriptions.

Captioning Star’s image description services for museums can provide a comprehensive and accessible experience for visitors with visual impairments. Our team of experts can create detailed image descriptions that:

  1. Offer clear and concise information about each object in the museum’s collection, including its name, creator, materials, and date of creation.
  2. Provide historical context and interpretive insights that enhance visitors’ understanding of the object’s significance and place in the museum’s collection.
  3. Describe the object’s physical features and notable details, including color, size, and texture.
  4. Discuss the artist’s style or technique and its impact on the object’s unique qualities and significance.
  5. Offer sensory details that enhance the image description, such as describing the intricate details of a sculpture or the brightness of a painting’s colors.
  6. Ensure accessibility by using clear and concise language, and appropriate use of alt-text and other accessibility features.
  7. Regularly maintain and update the image descriptions to ensure accuracy and relevance over time.
Image description

Our image descriptions can help bring the museum’s collection to life for visitors with visual impairments, offering a unique and meaningful experience.

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