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CaptioningStar Integrations

Built for you! Our API integration simplifies your captioning services. You are just a click away from uploading videos from your favorite platforms.

Integration Box

Integrate Box account..

Are your videos safely stored in the Box? We can caption it

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Integrate Dropbox account

Sharing & storing files is easy with DropBox; Now it is easy to caption your dropbox videos

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Integrate YouTube account

Captioning your videos on the world’s most popular video hosting platform is simple now.

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Vimeo Integration

Integrate vimeo account

For the professionals, the passionate, having your videos captioned need not be hard.

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Integrate Facebook account

You are 2 clicks away from Captioning videos from your facebook account.

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Integrate With GoogleDrive

You can directly send the recordings in Googledrive to our captioning platform and get caption file in the same.

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CaptioningStar Integration

Integrate With OneDrive

Having recording in Onedrive, You are one step away from getting the caption file.

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