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iSchedule- The one-stop Accessibility platform for Enterprises - Events, Broadcasts & e-Learning.

Get real-time captions or closed captions for your recorded events.
Also, ask for post-video services- Video trimming, Closed Captioning, Subtitling, Transcriptions, ASL and Language Interpreters. Our all-in-one platform!!!

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Single click. In no time, secure a live captioner for your event.

Also, ask for post-video services- Video trimming, Closed Captioning, Subtitling, Transcriptions, ASL and Language Interpreters. Our all-in-one platform!!!

Event Calendar

Booked multiple events and confused with the dates and captioners? Or do you want to check the dates of your previous events?

Get to know the dates of your events if you have multiple sessions in the Event Calendar without overlapping. Check your service status here.

events list


In this section, you have the History of your events displayed, and you can add new events to the list. Suppose you have worked with us for two of your events and scheduled your next project with us; you can see the complete list displayed in the image below. Click on each event to view details like the event’s name, start date, end date, captioners, and status.

Restream- Live sessions

Create Memorable experiences for your attendees by restreaming your Live sessions.

We have the session recording of your Live events at iScheduler. Opt from our list of post-event services to widen your reach globally.

Post-event services: Translation, Transcription, Subtitling and Closed captioning

We enable you to trim your videos as required and offer the above services at competitive rates. Now you are free to directly Restream/ Live Stream your videos from iScheduler into any platform of your choice.

live 1
process of Vimeo live closed captions

Restream- Recorded videos

Ready with your session recordings? Looking for post-event services?

Upload your videos into this platform (iScheduler dropbox) with just one click. Select the required post-event service.

Opt for Standard, Rush, or Super Rush TAT. Finally, receive perfect, trimmed videos with post-event services enabled.

Directly stream these videos from iScheduler to any platform of your choice. Integration authentication is ensured before streaming. Also, download your caption files in any desired output format of your choice.

Need to add additional (upcoming) events?

Just click Add event on the top right corner to schedule more events. All you need to do is fill in some basic information about your event in the dialog box displayed.

The dialog box is shown below.

add event

You have nothing much to do. Just select from the dropdown.

We integrate with any platform of your choice to deliver all the required accessibility needs.

In case you have anything more to tell us, use the description box to help us better understand your requirements.


If you have booked an event, and if the event has been accepted, an automatic invoice will be generated.

You can view it here. Also, your history of invoices is displayed, which would help you to know your previous payments and rates.

Know when you made your last payment.

Each invoice has a unique ID, bill date, due date, invoice amount, and payment status.


Payments Options

Check your invoice copies anywhere, anytime, and directly make payments from here by simply clicking ‘Pay now.’

Pay via Debit or Credit cards /Paypal.

Also, every time a new invoice is added, a payment link is automatically sent to the client’s e-mail to make payments.


Get complete details of your transactions and their status.

You have a unique Payment ID for each of your events. In addition, the corresponding invoice, payment date, method of payment, payment confirmation status, amount paid, and the processing fee is included.

In one single view, get a clear picture of your payments using iScheduler.



A list of your previous tickets are displayed here.

Also, to create a new ticket, click the ‘Add ticket’ and select your ‘Ticket type’ from the dropdown.
Your ticket type can be related to Accounts or Events. For other queries, use General Support.

TAT for ticket resolution is within 24 hours from the time you raised it

My Profile

As the name suggests, it is your profile. Manage your personal information here. You are free to add or change.