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Types of Industries we support

Health Care Industry

Educational Institutions

Event Management Companies

Media Production Companies

Government Organizations & Agencies

Marketing & Advertising Enterprises

Construction & Architecture Industry

Legal Businesses

CaptioningStar- The all-in-one platform to unlock all geographical barriers.

We offer language interpretations to all types of events and meetings of any size and scale. Native language interpreters work with our projects in more than 100 languages. We ensure our real-time simultaneous interpretation service can deliver your content to diverse audiences in the language of your choice. We eliminate all language and cultural barriers and make understanding universal.

We also offer Sign language Interpretations alongside language interpretations.

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Languages we support

We offer services in the following languages but are not limited to these. You can avail our services from either English to any foreign language or vice versa.

  • English Spanish
  • English French
  • English Russian
  • English German
  • English Portuguese
  • English Italian
  • English Arabic
  • English Chinese
  • English Japanese
  • English Ukrainian
  • English Thai
  • English Vietnamese

Types of Events we are a part of

Types of Events
  • International Summits
  • Government Authority Meetings
  • Town Hall & Public Meetings
  • Annual Conferences
  • Private Organization Meetings
  • Business Trade Shows
  • E- learning & Training Sessions
  • Broadcast & Television Shows/ Episodes
  • Automobiles Expo

Other services offered by CaptioningStar

Live/Real-time captioning

Live Captioning/ Live Transcription provides real-time subtitles for any of your live events or shows.

Translations and

Translate from the video’s source language to the target language of your choice and add subtitles.

Live Stream Video Captioning

Host any type of event on any streaming platform or directly stream it on your social media pages.

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StreamText Real-time Captioning

Make your live/ real-time captions appear on a separate window or device with StreamText.

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ASL interpreting services are highly regulated. We are exceptional and employ certified interpreters.

Pre-recorded Video Captioning

Do you have a library of pre-recorded videos? Upload them. We offer several post-event services.


Add an additional audio track to the video that describes the visuals on screen for the blind.

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Revoice the original soundtrack in any language of your preference to target new audiences.

Verbatim print materials -transcripts

Get your free, proofread, verbatim print materials 48 hours after your live or post-event videos.

User Testimonials

Post-Event Services

Converting videos into podcasts and uploading them on platforms like Buzzsprout, Podcasts, and more

Enable Closed captions to your videos and upload them to various video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Veho, and more.

Live stream your pre-recorded videos on your favorite social media platforms

Upload videos to an e-learning platform/ Learning Management System(LMS)

Provide interactive transcripts/ verbatim print materials

Upload videos to an OTT platform or VOD platform of your choice

Video enhancement services like editing/trimming

Providing optimal Search Engine Optimization(SEO) to your videos

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