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Lifesize Virtual events

Lifesize Live Captioning

Live Captioning for Lifesize Virtual events is a real boon to the people who are deaf , non native English speakers , eliminates the audio issues and is helpful even if someone missed a phrase.

Lifesize Live Subtitles

Live Subtitles for Lifesize virtual events otherwise termed as speech-to-text transcription (STT) is considered to be one of the best approaches to eradicate the language barriers.

Live Streaming Captions for Lifesize Virtual events

Most Live streamed content is consumed by users through Social Media platforms on mobile devices without sound.We can add Live captions to your Lifesize Stream and also specialized in End -to -End Streaming management.

Recorded Captions for Lifesize Virtual events

As part of the presentation you may be screening the pre-recorded videos , enabling closed or open captions will help you to reach large audiences.

Transcripts for Lifesize Virtual events

A transcript is the same word-to-word content as captions ,but presented in a separate document ,whether a text file , word document , PDF format. Even after your event comes to an end these transcripts serve as a crucial part by adding value to your event.

We provide a 15 minutes free demo to the client explaining the workflow of Lifesize.

What is expected Post Live Captioning

Your Virtual event with our high quality captions would have left a great impression among your participants and you may now wonder what’s next? We help you in Post Event Services by promoting your video/content on different platforms to reach a wider audience including the non-participants of your event.

Interactive Transcripts

We help our clients to utilize customized Interactive transcripts that can be placed on their domain for an open audience.

Embedding Closed /Open captions and uploading to favourite platforms

We help your Meetings Post Live Caption videos by embedding Closed or Open captions and upload it to the channels like YouTube ,Vimeo, Brightcove.

Creating a standalone OTT platform

Event videos are translated into multiple languages and you can let your audience choose their preferred language as subtitle at your favourite OTT platforms like Netflix,Amazon prime.

On Demand platforms

We help you to monetize by hosting your Live Training Videos at any of preferred VOD platforms with enabled Captions/Subtitles .

E-Learning platforms

We help with Virtual Classroom teaching conducted in Zoom. We can upload e-learning videos on specific E-learning platforms.

Monetize your videos

We help in marketing the videos with enclosed open/closed captions and deliver any type of Video file format of your choice.

Optimizing your Video

We save your time by creating brand awareness for your product / service and increase your video channel subscribers with exact captions.


Podcasting can be done from our end to boost the traffic to your Videos and adding captions to it increases your Guest’s audience.

Converting your Webinar to Presentation

We help in converting the Webinar to Presentation and can be shared on SlideShare to reach a larger scale with embedded captions .

CaptioningStar’s Clients who used Lifesize recently

One-Stop Destination for your Lifesize needs

CaptioningStar is a one-stop destination for conducting hassle free virtual events.We are expert in using Lifesize technology and can adapt for providing End to End services to any Webinars, town halls, training etc.

  • We conduct training on how to use Lifesize Video Conferencing platform
  • We provide LifeSize Consulting services right from initial setup , Pre Event Services, Live Closed Captioning and Post Event Services.
  • We are equipped with Live Subtitling and Live Streaming services for your Webinars on Facebook and YouTube platforms.
  • Post Event services are done (uploading to your video channel ,OTT platforms,Presentation etc)
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Request for a Live Demo

Pick your convenient date to attend a free 15 minutes Lifesize Live captioning test session.

How to get started easily

  • Register for a free 15 minutes Lifesize live captioning test session.
  • Event Dates will be shared prior to our team and we ensure to support the technology and expertise to live caption the event. Availability of captioners will be checked from our end.
  • Once the Lifesize meeting link / webinar link is shared and co-host access is provided, our remote live captioners will login remotely to send the accurate Live captions in Lifesize.
  • A transcript can usually be shared within 24 hours of the virtual event for the benefit of participants.

Note : The free demonstration of the product will be scheduled based on the availability of the captioner and the client.

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Pay us through hassle-free payment methods. We accept credit cards, debit cards, checks, and PayPal. Know more about our pricing details on our pricing page.

Affordable Live Lifesize Captioning

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Share Event(s) Schedule & Access with Key, Get captioner information, Download event transcripts, place post event service orders, Edit event recordings restream/playback the video at your designed platforms and reach wider audience.
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Frequently Asked Questions

No setup is required and we do not charge for any setup.

We offer our services on an hourly basis as it is important to hire a captioner and we support at least 30 minutes of captioning an event /meeting /webinar.

Yes our CART/broadcast captioners are certified steno writers from NCRA.

Yes they are available. We have Spanish , English ,French ,Portuguese ,Japanese and Chinese Bilingual captioners.

It’s recommended to inform us between 2hours -48 hours prior to hiring our service. This helps in smooth transition between both the parties.

 Yes we do. We even offer a 10-30% discount if your organization continuously conduct virtual Events.

Post event we support 25+ languages .

Yes we do End to End services right from Live Captioning the Video and Post Live Captioning activities.

Yes we have worked with 50+ Virtual event organizers and helped them in both pre event services like Marketing, Free Webinar services and Post Event services.

Yes we are well versed with Lifesize End to End services right from Lifesize Training offer / Setup/Marketing and end to end services.

Yes we offer a free 15 minutes Lifesize live captioning test session.

Yes we provide Live  Automated Captioning for Lifesize.