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What is expected in Post Event Services

You may now wonder what’s next post success of your Virtual event ! CaptioningStar provided accurate captions and increased your chances of reaching a wider audience.Here we are to promote your Post Captioned video on different platforms to reach millions of people including the non-participants of your event.

Interactive Transcripts

We help our clients to utilize customized Interactive transcripts that can be placed on their domain for an open audience.

Embedding Closed

We help your Meetings Post Live Caption videos by embedding Closed or Open captions and upload it to the channels like YouTube ,Vimeo, Brightcove.

Creating a standalone OTT platform

Event videos are translated into multiple languages and you can let your audience choose their preferred language as subtitle at your favourite OTT platforms like Netflix,Amazon prime.

On Demand platforms

We help you to monetize by hosting your Live Training Videos at any of preferred VOD platforms with enabled Captions/Subtitles .

E-Learning platforms

Incase of any e-learning video we can help in uploading the video on specific e-learning software with the captions included in it.

Monetize your videos

We help in marketing the videos with enclosed open/closed captions and deliver any type of Video file format of your choice.

Optimizing your Video

We save your time by creating brand awareness for your product / service and increase your video channel subscribers with exact captions.


Podcasting can be done from our end to boost the traffic to your Videos and adding captions to it increases your Guest’s audience.

Converting your Webinar to Presentation

We help in converting the Webinar to Presentation and can be shared on SlideShare to reach a larger scale with embedded captions .

Clients who used our LifeSize Post Virtual event services recently


CaptioningStar’s integration with LifeSize technology provides our Post Virtual Event Services conducted across many Universities , Non-profit organizations, City Council Meetings , Digital Marketing Companies , Market Research Companies , and Corporates by enabling Closed Captions to these virtual events.

One of our main goals is to engage the audience Post Virtual Event and provide our top notch services to boost your Brand visibility and to generate leads for your business. Social Media is the king of sharing content and we make optimum use of it by posting your Webinar /Videos online.As far as the captions are concerned we ensure to provide accessibility to the individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing through our perfect word to word synchronized captions.

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Request for a Live Demo

Pick your convenient date to attend a free 15 minutes LifeSize Live captioning test session.

CaptioningStar makes the E-Learning Simple

We provide 99% accurate captions to your tutorial videos , academic materials and or for various events at your university / schools. We help you to upload the Post Event video on your favourite e-learning platforms like Blackboard , Adobe Captivate,Canva with the closed captions enabled in it. The National Center for Educational Statistics reports somewhere around 20,000 deaf and hard of hearing students attend post-secondary educational institutions each year.

Post Event Videos on your favourite platforms

CaptioningStar helps in uploading the post virtual event transcripts to any of your favorite platforms like Youtube,Vimeo, Facebook, Brightcove to enhance the visibility of your content. Inorder to improve the user engagement and to convert your prospects we enable closed captions to your videos.It also helps in SEO where the rankings of your videos will be improved. It translates caption as metadata and will make your videos more likely to show up in a Google search. Our Captioners ensure that Captions are precisely synchronized with spoken words.

Optimize your Video Content with CaptioningStar

We optimize your video with On-page and Off-page optimization techniques to acquire a better ranking in Search Engine results and make the content more accessible to the individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. We help you to increase your brand awareness and through the perfect captions enabled , we can definitely generate leads for your business and enhance the sales conversion.

Podcasting and Presentation with CaptioningStar

CaptioningStar ensures to convert your video file in LifeSize to Audio format and upload it to podcast platforms. We help in building your own podcast channel to reach millions of listeners. When it comes to Presentation , CaptioningStar converts the Webinar into PPT format and shares it on widely used platforms to provide access to the participants and to the non-attendees of the event.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No setup is required and we do not charge for any setup.

We offer our services on an hourly basis as it is important to hire a captioner and we support at least 30 minutes of captioning an event /meeting /webinar.

Yes our CART/broadcast captioners are certified steno writers from NCRA.

Yes they are available. We have Spanish , English ,French ,Portuguese ,Japanese and Chinese Bilingual captioners.

It’s recommended to inform us between 2hours -48 hours prior to hiring our service. This helps in smooth transition between both the parties.

 Yes we do. We even offer a 10-30% discount if your organization continuously conduct virtual Events.

Post event we support 25+ languages .

Yes we do End to End services right from Live Captioning the Video and Post Live Captioning activities.

Yes we have worked with 50+ Virtual event organizers and helped them in both pre event services like Marketing, Free Webinar services and Post Event services.

Yes we are well versed with Lifesize End to End services right from Lifesize Training offer / Setup/Marketing and end to end services.

Yes we offer a free 15 minutes Lifesize live captioning test session.

Yes we provide Live  Automated Captioning for Lifesize.