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Non-profit organizations play a crucial role in protecting human rights and advancing human progress.As part of human progress, captions and transcripts have extended to a larger scale and ensures accessibility to the webinar / video content to everyone. Afterall , misspelled and incorrect captions don’t look good to anyone and especially to reach the impeccable content to deaf /hard of hearing communities one must make sure to incorporate the right captions/subtitles.
At CaptioningStar we support NGOs captioning requirements where the area of interest includes emergency relief, international health education, women’s rights,children’s rights, economic development, environmental issues, disaster preparation, and more.

live captioning for non profit organization

The list is really big. We are integrated with many major video storage platforms.

Improve the Accessibility with Error-Free Captions!

No boundaries on formats

Any format in, any format out approach of us allows you to share your files without worrying about formats and conversions.

.SRTPopular caption file format
.WebVTTThe new W3C standard for captioning in HTML5.
.SBVSubViewer file format.
.DFXPW3C standard for captioning, used widely in Flash players
.SMISAMI captions for Windows Media Player.
.QTQuickTime captions.
.RTRealText captions for RealPlayer.
.SLTSpruce subtitle format for DVD Studio Pro.
.SUBCaptions for Sonic DVD Creator.
.SMPTE-TTThe FCC safe harbor format for IP captioning. Similar to DFXP.
.SCCScenarist Closed Caption format.
AVID SSSubtitle format supported by Avid systems.
JSONWord-level timing and confidence data.
MULTILINGUAL .DFXPMultilingual DFXP file generated via machine translation. Translation into multiple languages is available. Available to enterprise customers.

Captions made for you!

  • You produce e-learning videos. Attractive captions and captioning styles are important since your audience need to capture each and every word you speak.
  • We offer different captioning styles knowing your expectation like roll up, pop on and paint on. You can choose the style you need.
  • We have an experienced captioning team who regularly work on e-learning videos so say bye bye to your worries about subject knowledge and terminologies.
  • A team of Quality experts triple checks the captions produced and their objective is to bring about 100% accurate captions
  • Our closed captions are timed and perfectly synchronized with the dialogue on screen.

Grab your offers

  • Learning has no end! Anyhow, you will produce large volumes of course videos and you want to pay a reasonable price. We know you. You will surely feel happy about knowing our offers and it’s especially for you.
  • We make your payment options simple. Pay us through either debit cards, credit cards or checks or PayPal.

Non-profit Organization Video / Meeting Captioning Workflow

A simple and streamlined Non-profit Organization Video / Meeting Captioning workflow.

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Pay us through hassle-free payment methods. We accept credit cards, debit cards, checks, and PayPal. Know more about our pricing details on our pricing page.

Affordable Healthcare /Medical Content Captioning Pricing

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