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Enabling an Easier LMS Handling with our LMS Captioning Services

Easing LMS Admins’ burden by consolidating your work into a single support system with our LMS Captioning Services.

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CaptioningStar is an Industry Leader

We are industry leaders, for more than 20+ steady years, we have been rendering our top-notch accessibility services.
With industry experts on our side, we have served more than 16000+ clients in the various sectors of every industry.

Our Client pool includes highly reputed brands from Media, IT, Finance, Universities, and Event management sectors.
We offer Closed Captioning Services, Translation, Subtitling, and integration services for various verticals.

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Who needs LMS Support?

Struggling to sort out the course uploads and the respective assets for your university or schools?

We provide end-to-end integration support for the people in the ranks of  LMS Admins, Directors of Disability, Course Authors, and LMS Managers.

Get 40% Lower Prices Comparing Other Providers


Starting from $0.70/Min

Closed Captioning

Starting from $1.5/Min

Open Captioning

Starting from $1.85/Min

Foreign Language Subtitles

Starting from $7/Min

Audio Description

Starting from $7.5/Min

Live Captioning

Starting from $120/hour

Live Subtitling

Starting from $150/hour

Our spectrum of services includes:


Live Closed Captioning

Open Captioning 

Open Captioning

Broadcast Captioning

Broadcast Captioning

Audio Description

Audio Description Services



Document Translation

Document Translation

CaptioningStar provides complete 360-degree coverage of accessibility services. We also offer end-to-end Captioning and Documentation services for University events like Graduation Ceremonies, Seminars, and other events.

LMS Platforms that We Support

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Apart from the major platforms, we support more than 1000+ LMS globally.

Feel the innovation with SCORM

Shared Content Object Reference Model(SCORM), a commonly accepted compliance system by the LMS platforms with advising guidelines.

With one-time cloud upload on the system enabling the administrators to easily drag and drop their content in compliant LMS, making the entire courses adaptable.

Feel the innovation with SCORM 
The Best Support Format


The Best Support Format

SCORM 1.2 is a highly effective version that simplifies the process of uploading courses to a Learning Management System (LMS) with multiple features, making it a universal compliance solution for all LMS.

Features include:

  • Course assets can be uploaded in a zip package.
  • Easier Interaction with the LMS.
  • Interchangeable with any platform.


Cloud Upload

SCORM offers a one-time upload for all the courses the shared storage connecting the courses and their assets under a single umbrella.

Interactive Search Bar

Searching specific content inside the courses becomes easier with an interactive search bar, providing accurate content reach.

Load as a Package

Reduce the buffering time by using the XML package. The course and its assets will be loaded together in a single package. XML files load quicker with the respective assets.

Interactive Quizzes

Additionally, the Package includes academic quizzes and other evaluation methods for easy assessment, Offering an advantage for the admins to measure the users’ progress.

Portable & Compatible

SCORM allows the course content to be switched among multiple LMS platforms which are compliant with SCORM. Migration gets easy as drag and drop with the help of cloud support.

Track the User

The admins can track the users’ activity with the help of backend support. To assess the user’s progress and focus on re-strategizing the struggling areas.

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Clients Worldwide

University of Texas

We have connected with 1000+ institutions. Universities that availed of our services are given below


Extraordinary service and customer care. I asked Mike Anderson and his team to caption two very sensitive yet graphic documentaries about autopsy, fully expecting that they’d turn the job down. Just the opposite happened, they tackled these very hard to watch titles and did a magnificent job. In fact, both documentaries featured a renowned Japanese coroner that was tough to understand due to his native accent. Mike and his team nailed the transcription. I cannot recommend Captioning Star enough.


We have worked with CaptioningStar for 3 of our webinars now. We have been very happy with their services and according to a recent user survey, our users have found the live captions to be a great addition to our webinars.
We look forward to working with CaptioningStar for our upcoming webinars. We would highly recommend their services – everyone we have worked with at CaptioningStar has been very helpful and professional.


The captioning services were provided as expected. The captioner arrived early to the meeting to set up and test the captioning.
They also had a backup plan ready in case the captioning in Zoom itself did not work, which was very much appreciated when I could not figure out how to assign captioning in Zoom on the first day. I was impressed by the speed at which they could translate and type the captions.


Languages We Support

Our platform offers support for a wide range of languages, including English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and over 45 other languages.

This allows you to engage with audiences from different parts of the world using a single course that supports multiple languages.

Languages We Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is LMS Captioning important?

LMS Captioning enhances accessibility and improves learning outcomes for all students, including those with hearing impairments, learning disabilities, or language barriers. Captions provide synchronized text that complements audio and visual content, making it easier for students to follow along, comprehend the material, and retain information.

What types of educational content can be captioned?

Virtually any type of multimedia content used for educational purposes can be captioned.This includes recorded video lectures, live webinars, interactive presentations, tutorials, and other instructional materials.

Can CaptioningStar provide captions in multiple languages for LMS content?

Yes, CaptioningStar offers multilingual captioning services to accommodate diverse student populations. We have the capability to provide captions in 100+ languages, ensuring that educational content is accessible to students worldwide.

Is CaptioningStar's LMS Captioning service compliant with accessibility standards?

CaptioningStar is committed to adhering to accessibility standards such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Our LMS Captioning service is designed to meet these standards and ensure that educational content is accessible to all students.

How can I get started with LMS Captioning services from CaptioningStar?

Getting started is easy! Simply reach out to CaptioningStar through our website or contact our customer support team directly. We’ll discuss your LMS Captioning needs, provide a customized quote, and guide you through the process from start to finish.