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LMS Closed Captioning for a Renowned Medical University

LMS Closed Captioning for a Renowned Medical University

Medical University from Illinois

Accessibility remains a fundamental pillar for institutions around the world. A prominent medical university from Illinois, renowned for its commitment to excellence in healthcare education surrounding 500 counties, has built its own educational support system for the students with their intranet portal. This case study explores the implementation of closed captioning for educational videos.

The Approach

An administrative executive from the University Management had approached us, asking for a quote. They were seeking the right accessibility provider, closed captions for their weekly courses, that will be uploaded on their LMS portal weekly. They specifically asked for the Turn Around Time.

Our Initiative

After a short analysis, our team came up with a complete plan for quick delivery and prices for the requested duration i.e. 190 hours. Impressed with the quote, as we provided better pricing compared to the market’s standard. This pushed them to make an astounding decision to assign us a complete order of 15000 minutes, to be submitted weekly expanding over the span of 6 months. They signed the deal with us without second thoughts.

Challenges Faced

The medical university, known for its rigorous programs and prestigious faculty, had long been dedicated to providing equal opportunities for all students, regardless of their abilities. However, it recognized a significant challenge, delivering the files on time as the lectures are continuously ongoing.

The challenge was twofold. First, there was a legal obligation to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and provide equal access to educational content with the right  Second, the university aimed to go beyond compliance, offering an inclusive and equitable learning environment.

The major challenge was to provide consistent delivery of the files with utmost accuracy within the span of 5 days. Learn how we tackled the odds with the new-age tools.

The First Set of Solutions

As soon as we signed the deal, the files were sent a regular intervals. After receiving the first schedule of episodes. We swiftly asked our Captioners to get ready for the 1 hour+  captioning content. This was a small complexity to find the right captioners who have a medical background. However, we accomplished the task with our expert operation team and moved forward with production. After completing the first set of captioning, our core quality assessment team quickly stepped in to complete the assessment. We pushed to the next process after completing the Assessment. That is explained in detail below:

Experts Review

After the in-house assessment, we send the file for final assessment to the experts in the university. With a quick review and a few changes from their end, We moved forward with the next crucial step of the process.

Integration with Learning Management Systems

The university had a meticulously crafted LMS system backed by a major LMS provider. This helped the students to easily access the lectures whenever they needed. Integrated with a world-class multimedia player supporting major closed captioning formats.

With the help of the AV team from the university, we have loaded the courses into their Learning Management System (LMS). This not only simplified the workflow for educators but also ensured that students had easy access to captioned materials.

Happy Customer

Minutes after the submission of the files into their LMS, The Administrative Executive from the University contacted us. The client had expressed her gratitude towards our utmost professionalism and the fine work we did with the lectures. This boosted us to proceed further with a steady pace to complete the rest of the production within the given time.

LMS Captioning

The journey of implementing closed captioning at this renowned medical university serves as a testament to the institution’s dedication to providing exceptional education to all its students. By embracing technology and integrating it seamlessly into the educational process, the university successfully addressed the challenge of accessibility, offering a holistic and inclusive learning experience for all categories of students. Additionally, the captions serve as supplementary material and easily downloadable notes.

The impact of this endeavor extended beyond the campus, allowing multiple other education institutions to adopt this method. We, Captioningstar are proud to make this endeavor an exceptional success. We offer seamless integration support and end-to-end LMS Captioning Services to various institutions like universities, corporate organizations, academies, etc.