New Year 2023 offer | CaptioningStar

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20% Discount on Translation Service

Choose any language translation service for any length of time. Over 100+ languages to choose from.

25% Discount on Transcription Cost

Audio and Video transcription services available. Be assured of reliable and high-quality services in transcription service

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30% on Video editing/trimming

Do not let your creativity make shorter videos. Create at length and enjoy the freedom. Avail our services.

30% on post event services

We will embed captions for your recorded videos, provide transcripts & upload in the choice of your platform.

50% discount on Video Encoder

We make your video content compatible to different types of devices and platforms.50% discount on Video Encoder

100% discount on post-event transcripts

Accurate, reliable and high-quality transcripts. For any language of your choice, for any length of your event.

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15% on Live Captioning Services

This includes bilingual captioning services. Fast, reliable and impeccable captions. Integrate captions with ease and enhance accessibility.

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15% on Closed Captioning Services

Make all your digital content accessible in accordance with FCC and ADA Compliance. High quality, reliable and affordable services..

20% Discount on Sub-titling

Certified linguists, Native speakers provide accurate subtitles. Get this exciting offer to make your videos accessible to all.