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CART Captions

Communication Accessible Real-Time (CART) is the instant translation of the spoken word into text, happening in real-time, opted for by the event organizers to facilitate the attendees with disabilities, also catering to a diverse audience with less language fluency.

Who Avails It?

CART works wonders for corporate events, university events, and other significant events for the people who consume content live. Real-Time events would educate a majority number of people at the same time, the users would commonly agree on the benefits of using captions in real-time.

According to the Hearing Loss Association of America, 48 million people in the U.S. are affected by hearing loss. Addressing this issue, the U.S Government passed a law making Accessibility service a mandate. It is called The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). ADA devised norms and protocols to offer captioning services effectively.

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Events that Require On-Site Captions


Public Hearings

Government Meetings

Government Meetings

University Ceremonies

University Ceremonies

Religious Events

Religious Events

Business Summits

Business Summits

Product Launch Shows

Product Launch Shows

Remote CART captioning had a great headstart with the pandemic’s prevail. As it slowly faded away, On-site CART captions are taking over the events to make the event more accessible to everyone. 

CaptioningStar’s Expertise

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CaptioningStar has a legacy of 16+ years proving complete accessibility services to various ranges of industries. Live Closed Captioning, Open Captioning, Post-Event Captioning, Audio Description Services, Broadcast Services, LMS Services, Translation, and Transcription Services.

We have served renowned universities elevating their lectures, ceremonies, and events with our Real-Time Captioning services. We have more than 16000+ happy customers from various sectors like Education, Finance, IT, Government Sectors, Business, and others.

Compliance that we Support


American Disabilities


Federal Communications Commission


20th Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act

Following the right formats and Compliance Standards, we deliver exceptional services with the help of experienced captioners, sent to the venue to take care of all the CART Needs. 


Good exp overall with CaptioningStar. We used them for one of our national conferences and they were very responsive to our org’s needs, including quickly supporting a couple of adjustments we had to make before our event. We have worked with CaptioningStar for over a year now and have had great service. Very quick and easy with quotes and deliverables.
Transcribers were on time and did a great job as well. Will be using them again!


I had a problem and CaptioningStar helped me solve it. They were easy to deal with, explained everything in detail and worked with us to make our deaf attendee have a rewarding event experience.
Everything worked flawlessly on the day of our event and the staff was extremely professional, calm and courteous. I highly recommend working with CaptioningStar. You will be extremely satisfied and glad you did.


ISDI has an ongoing Diversity and Inclusion Learning Series that is currently hosted on GoToWebinar. We’ve traditionally only used Sign Language Interpreters for these webinars. We’ve since added the services of CaptioningStar and our attendees, hearing impaired or not, really love it because it helps them follow along better, plus they can watch it on their devices with the volume low or off so as to not disturb those around them. Thank you Captioning Star!


You name the place, We send you captioners

Based on the requirement, our experienced CRC-certified captioners will be sent to the venue. Once the event setup is complete, they will start captioning word-to-word in real-time. Our certified captioners would help the event get its value to the core. Once the speakers start uttering the words, they will hear the words and deliver the output precisely with no errors.

Also, Post Event, CaptioningStar provides the transcript of the event happenings within 2-3 business days.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does On-Site CART Captioning benefit participants?

On-Site CART Captioning ensures that individuals with hearing impairments have equal access to spoken information in real-time. It allows them to fully participate in conversations, presentations, and discussions, fostering inclusivity and enhancing communication for all participants.

What types of events can avail of On-Site CART Captioning services?

Any live event where spoken communication is critical can benefit from On-Site CART Captioning. This includes conferences, workshops, training sessions, business meetings, educational lectures, and public events.

Is On-Site CART Captioning suitable for large-scale events with multiple speakers?

Yes, On-Site CART Captioning is adaptable to various settings and can accommodate events with multiple speakers and complex discussions. CaptioningStar can provide multiple CART captioners if needed to ensure comprehensive coverage and accuracy throughout the event.

How far in advance should I book On-Site CART Captioning services for my event?

It is recommended to book On-Site CART Captioning services as far in advance as possible to ensure availability and proper planning. Ideally, booking should be done at least 3 weeks before the event date to allow time for coordination and preparation.

Can On-Site CART Captioning services be customized to meet specific event requirements?

Yes, CaptioningStar offers customizable On-Site CART Captioning solutions tailored to the unique needs of each event. We work closely with clients to understand their requirements and preferences, ensuring seamless integration and optimal accessibility for participants.