Customized Open Captioning Services for All Your Videos

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Fully Customized Open Captioning Services for All Your Videos

Professional Open Captioning Services for Businesses and Films

  • 100% Human Crafted Closed Captioning Services
  • 50+ Languages Covered
  • Save 60% of your Time

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Delivering Open Captions in the Best Way Possible

  • Our Captions are 99% accurate
  • Open captions available in more than 50+ languages
  • Fastest Turn-Around-Time in the industry
  • Fully Customizable as per Your Needs
Open Captioning

Know the Story of Open Captions

What are Open Captions?

Similar to closed captions, Open Captions are supplementary text to dialogues spoken or words burnt over the video allowing the user to not worry about the captioning. Open captions are like, closed captions, to aid hard-of-hearing/deaf people, allowing them to understand the video content in a better way. Open Captions are synced and delivered after burning with the video.

Open Captioning

Following All Accessibility Guidelines

open captioning

The Need for Open Captioning Services

Closed Captions are never the solution for all integrations. Open captions, on the other hand, have an advantage over presenting originality and fulfilling the needs of the users via a permanent solution. Any important videos that carry crucial information can be open-captioned to assure reliability and compatibility, saving all the hassles related to portability.

Integrations for Every Platform

Open Captioning is Required for





Film Festivals

Film Festivals

Educational Videos

Educational Videos

Educational Videos

E-Learning Courses



On top of this, end-to-end subtitling is also provided in the form of open captioning.

We Go Above and Beyond

Comparing the other captioning providers, we go the extra mile to fulfill your requirements. With others, you would have to burden yourself with 70% of the processes like integration, uploading and post-production.

We do


You just do


Utilize the saved time to improve your business.

We Cover A-Z in Accessibility

CaptioningStar provides complete 360-degree coverage of accessibility services. We also offer end-to-end Captioning and Documentation services for University events like Graduation Ceremonies, Seminars, and other events.

Just Count on Our Five Stars

Excellent work all around. They met all of the City of Miramar’s needs in a timely manner. The captioning is perfect. Thanks to M Anderson and his team for all their hard work and for helping us with our content. The City of Miramar recommends them.


Andres E.H

Best Captioning reviews

TV Show Host We have been using Captioning Star for the TV show “What’s Up Orange County” for the last year. It has been a pleasure working with Mike Anderson who is always following up to make sure our orders are completed on time. Highly recommend.


Scott D. Stewart

LinkedIn reviews

Producer Director CaptioningStar did a great job on over 15 hours of material to caption. Mike Anderson and his team are very customer service oriented and do what they say they will do. Their work is consistently accurate and turnaround is never delayed.


Erik Nielsen

Best Captioning reviews

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