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Are you tired of searching for a quality captioning service that fits your budget?

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CaptioningStar closed captioning service enables you to get more value from your existing video content by appealing to a wider audience.

Closed captions, also referred to as English subtitles, appear as text on the bottom of your screen, and typically represent the speech between characters on your television or computer.
Adding closed captions to your video is an essential component of production, especially if your goal is to get your video content in front of a larger audience. Closed captions not only help videos rank higher in search results, but they also increase accessibility, boost engagement, and improve the overall viewer experience.
To help video creators get the most out of their content, we offer accurate, quality closed captions for any video.

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* Note: Discount on bulk uploads, universities and hard of hearing students

Frequently Asked Question

We are flexible when it comes to payment options. We allow you to do payments via credit card transactions, wires, cheque, online payment platforms such as PayPal and Google Checkout.

No. There are no minimum upload bottlenecks. We are ready to receive any minimum volume of a file for captioning.

Yes, CaptioningStar requests a 3% service charge if payments are done through PayPal.

Yes, we charge marginally a little more for rush TAT requests. Kindly refer the captioning pricing table for further details.

Yes. We do offer discounts for bulk volume uploads. But the discounts depending upon the volume of your file. Kindly refer our price calculation page for further details.

We provide an online cost calculator to calculate captioning costs in a simple way. Our customer support rep is also available 24/7 to help you.