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What is expected in Pre Event Services in RingCentral

CaptioningStar caters to the needs of client objectives and requirements and begins to analyze the requirement from the moment the client has provided it.Our end goal is to fulfill our customer desires and expectations by providing effective Pre-Event Planning Strategy. When you plan for a virtual event , all the to-do’s can get overwhelming. You might have a goal and vision for the event , and maybe even a date and Virtual Platform. But after that, you might not be sure where to start. CaptioningStar’s Pre Event Services in RingCentral includes Marketing your events, Complete end-end to event planning, Live captioning your event , Promote your Event with Keynote Speakers and Influencers related to your niche.

Marketing your Events

CaptioningStar helps in Marketing your RingCentral Events by promoting your brand , product or service with the help of digital medium. Virtual Event Marketing can help in building stronger relationships with prospects and it includes digital events like Webinars and Live streamed workshops. Maximum leverage of Social Media helps in promoting your Virtual Events across the various platforms.

Complete End -to- End Event Planning

Hosting interactive sessions is always feasible with RingCentral and CaptioningStar with a thorough knowledge of RingCentral technology helps you with complete end-to-end event planning. We help with initial setup of RingCentral, conduct training sessions , focus on audience engagement by using RingCentral features hand raising, Q&A, and polling to enable additional engagement.

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Live Captioning your Event in RingCentral

At CaptioningStar , 99% of accurate captions can be produced by our experienced Human resources who are certified from NCRA..We produce accurate real-time captions with a speed of 250-325 words/minute and stream it instantly via RingCentral.On the day of the event, once the URL of the live video is provided, our remote live captioner will be responsible to caption the videos and stream it readily.

Promote your Event with Speakers and Influencers

To make your RingCentral Virtual event a global reach, CaptioningStar aims to leverage the influential people and speakers from your niche. We analyze your target audience and find the Influencer or speakers from your niche who are good at social media and have followers that match your target demographics.We invite the right Influencer to speak at your virtual event to gain more attention from the participants.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No setup is required and we do not charge for any setup.

We offer our services on an hourly basis as it is important to hire a captioner and we support at least 30 minutes of captioning an event /meeting /webinar.

Yes our CART/broadcast captioners are certified steno writers from NCRA.

Yes they are available. We have Spanish , English ,French ,Portuguese ,Japanese and Chinese Bilingual captioners.

Yes we do. We even offer a 10-30% discount if your organization continuously conduct virtual Events.

It’s recommended to inform us between 2hours -48 hours prior to hiring our service. This helps in smooth transition between both the parties.

Post event we support 25+ languages .

Yes we do End to End services right from Live Captioning the Video and Post Live Captioning activities.

Yes we have worked with 50+ Virtual event organizers and helped them in both pre event services like Marketing, Free Webinar services and Post Event services.

Yes we are well versed with RingCentral End to End services right from RingCentral Training offer / Setup/Marketing and end to end services.

Yes we offer a free 15 minutes RingCentral live captioning test session.

Yes we provide Live  Automated Captioning for RingCentral.

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