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One-of-a-kind search option

Our platform reduces your burden with a tool that provides clarity to your search option. Search for any particular topic from our multimedia content repository.

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multimedia content repository.

Search topics within videos

With our search option that enhances content accessibility, look for required topics from the entire video archive platform efficiently and with ease.

  • Automated content catalog distinguishes content for your convenience
  • Look through slides, video, audio, images, lectures and notes for desired content
  • Saves your time, effort and energy
search option

Search-inside-video: An impressive tool

Our system serves HTML 5 Media Player with inbuilt video search abilities that enable in-depth video searching. Our search aptitude technology scans the entire video providing auto-captioning and promotes search relevancy.

How does it work?

Our unique and automated search-inside-video tool which is embedded in the cloud works systematically and in alignment with auto-caption, auto-transcription and third-party caption and transcription.

Create and upload

Once you finish recording, it gets automatically uploaded to the cloud for transcoding post-production and multi-device publishing

Auto Captioning

Audios are processed with metadata search layers for an accurate captioning layer for both improved Section 508 compliance and search capabilities.

Context-specific search

Through accurate text captioning and related metadata, now search words mentioned in lectures, videos and other multimedia


Videos can be easily uploaded to other media channels that students and staffs can connect easily on LMS and smart devices.

Auto-generated metadata to increase search potential

Metadata determines your search quality and hence our robust enterprise video platform solution through AI and Machine Learning classify all the contents based on aspects that enrich your search experience

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