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Get on the spot captions in Spanish with our real time service

Do you telecast or conduct live events like sports matches, webcasts, webinars, interviews and meetings in Spanish? All you need now is real-time captions in Spanish to air your videos without frittering away even a second.

For captioning any video, the timing, speech and the captions are to be synchronized perfectly. Never an easy chore in real time! But CaptioningStar does it for you in a smart way in the language you prefer…

Our real-time or live captions in Spanish benefit your audience who may be

  • hard of hearing or
  • Non-native Spanish speaker or
  • even to people who are in a noise-free environment.

Real-time or live captioning can be done either on-site or remotely and we deliver what suits you!

Remote Live Captioning

The list is really big. We are integrated with many major video storage platforms.

A very few of the platforms, our real-time captioning specialists are experienced with:

Goto webinar live captioning
Facebook Live Captioning
YouTube Live Captioning
Granicus Captioning
WireCast Captioning

Always a step towards your needs!

No boundaries on formats

Any format in, any format out approach of us allows you to share your files without worrying about formats and conversions.

.SRTPopular caption file format
.WebVTTThe new W3C standard for captioning in HTML5.
.SBVSubViewer file format.
.DFXPW3C standard for captioning, used widely in Flash players
.SMISAMI captions for Windows Media Player.
.QTQuickTime captions.
.RTRealText captions for RealPlayer.
.SLTSpruce subtitle format for DVD Studio Pro.
.SUBCaptions for Sonic DVD Creator.
.SMPTE-TTThe FCC safe harbor format for IP captioning. Similar to DFXP.
.SCCScenarist Closed Caption format.
AVID SSSubtitle format supported by Avid systems.
JSONWord-level timing and confidence data.
MULTILUNGUAL .DFXPMultilingual DFXP file generated via machine translation. Translation into multiple languages is available. Available to enterprise customers.

Spanish Captions- Always high grade!

  • In live-captioning, we produce Spanish captions with accurate timing without any time lapse and deliver on the spot.
  • We believe, for live captioning, Spanish captions produced at on-site will be of great accuracy since captioners have a better focus on the sound nuances.
  • At CaptioningStar, our well-experienced captioners produce Spanish captions with good language proficiency and high typing speed.
  • Our approach results in faultless captions with more than 99% perfection.

Captioning Styles

  • We are here to offer different captioning styles for Spanish captions that you would prefer- either roll up, traditional pop on or center placement pop on.

Reasonable pricing

  • Afraid of extra charges? Our prices are friendly. We offer discounts on bulk orders and referrals. Pay us through credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal.
  • Visit our pricing page to know more.

Our Real- time Spanish captioner have years of experience in programs such as:


Real Time Captioning Workflow

A simple and streamlined Real Time captioning workflow.

Welcome to the club. 50% off on your first video

*Note : Discount on bulk uploads, universities and hard of hearing students

Why CaptioningStar

Choose CaptioningStar to avail all benefits of Real Time captioning in one go!

Legal compliance

Our captions comply with FCC, ADA and section 508


Our captioners are CCP, CBC, CRR and certified CART.


We serve many clients with confidential information.


We offer custom integration with your favorite platform.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are client-centric and work towards our client needs

24/7 Support

We offer Email, Phone and  Live chat support around the clock.

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