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Accurate and Spot-On Subtitling Services for a Global Reach

Localize and Capture the Audience with our Subtitling Services

  • Instant Translation
  • Save 60% of Your Time
  • 100% Human Crafted
  • 99% Accurate
  • Support for 100+ Languages

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Erase Borders and Reach Heights with Subtitles

  • Our Captions are 99% accurate
  • Subtitles for more than 100 languages
  • Certified & Well-Trained Captioners
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  • Easy Integration & Technical Support

Know More About Our Subtitling Services

AI-Generated Closed Captions On Progress

We are stepping into the Generative AI Game for closed captioning.
Features like Eye Contact Correction, AI Voice Cloning, and AI-powered Translation are available now.
Subscribe to us to get early bird offers on Generative AI Captions.

Get 40% Lower Prices Comparing Other Providers


Starting from $0.70/Min

Closed Captioning

Starting from $1.5/min

Open Captioning

Starting from $1.85/min

Foreign Language Subtitles

Starting from $7/ Min

Audio Description

Starting from $7.5/min

Live Captioning

Starting from $120/ hour

Live Subtitling

Starting from $150/hour

CaptioningStar Vs other Subtitling companies

CaptioningStarOther providers
Your preferred output formatstandard subtitle formats
No extra charge for revisionsNo revisions
Native Translators & SubtitlistsAI & non-native translators
Free video trimming & video highlightscomes with additional cost
Video Distribution networks availableNot available
Save 40% cost30% increased cost
Avg Turnaround time 72 hours. No additional cost for Rush Services7 days standard TAT
Can subtitle in 50+ languagesLess than 10 languages
Broadcast scripts availableNot available
Avail Scorm 1.2 supportthey have no idea
Can deliver in 608/708 formatCharge 3x for this format
Voice over and dubbing expertsOutsource to third parties
Live subtitlingNA

Basics On Subtitles

Subtitling services help you reach beyond the borders, Subtitles are translations of the source language into another foreign language. The translated text is time-synchronized for the audio and made to appear on the screen with the video. Subtitles are meant for viewers who can hear but are unaware of the spoken language.

Unlike the Closed Captions, where the titles of the source language are displayed at the bottom of the screen and run along with the audio. Captions are primarily meant for the deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals, however, subtitles surpass the cause.

Following All Accessibility Guidelines

Live Event Subtitle

Live Event Subtitle Support

Numerous live events take place daily, each with distinct requirements regarding subtitles. When foreign-language speakers are involved, translated subtitles offer a valuable solution. These real-time subtitles involve a direct conversion of spoken content into text. By integrating such subtitles, we enhance the engagement of attendees in live, in-person, and hybrid events like meetings or webinars, generating truly exceptional experiences for your diverse audiences.

Our utilization of our specialized tool allows us to present translated live subtitles through a separate window or screen. We are equipped to accommodate a wide array of languages according to your preferences. Furthermore, we excel in multi-language captioning, including combinations like Spanish and English, Arabic and English, English and Portuguese etc.

Subtitle - A Modern Key to the World

Recent research shows that the youth are enjoying multi-language content and building up the excitement of consuming various content signifying the boom of pop culture. This has been an ongoing phenomenon where the world consumes the same content. Subtitles made this possible, it brought together the people.

Sectors like Finance, Media, IT, Food and beverages, Aviation, and almost every business use subtitles to engage with the audience beyond the borders, Helping them to go global.

CaptioningStar’s subtitling service, with native language experts waiting to support you in more than 50 languages, offers real-time translation support via any video hosting platform. Across diverse dialects, encompassing unique idioms, slang, and figures of speech, our Subtitling Services excel.


Integrations for Every Platform

Our Subtitling Services Include

Video Subs

Video Subtitling

Live events subtitling

Live Events Subtitling

Broadcast subtitling service

Broadcast Subtitling

Virtual event subtitling

Virtual Event Subtitling

Marketing and advertising subtitles

Marketing and Advertising

Online streaming video subtitling

Online Video Subtitling

Subtitles for e-Learning

Subtitles for e-Learning

Subtitles for movies

Subtitles for Movies

We Go Above and Beyond

Comparing the other captioning providers, we go the extra mile to fulfill your requirements. With others, you would have to burden yourself with 70% of the processes like integration, uploading and post-production.

We do


You just do


Utilize the saved time to improve your business.

We Cover A-Z in Accessibility

CaptioningStar provides complete 360-degree coverage of accessibility services. We also offer end-to-end Captioning and Documentation services for University events like Graduation Ceremonies, Seminars, and other events.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does CaptioningStar support hard-coded or soft-coded subtitles?

Yes, CaptioningStar supports both hard-coded (burned-in) subtitles and soft-coded (separate file) subtitles, depending on the client’s preference and the intended use of the content.

How does CaptioningStar handle different dialects or cultural nuances in subtitling?

CaptioningStar’s team includes translators and subtitle experts who are not only proficient in different languages but also sensitive to cultural nuances, ensuring that the subtitles are culturally appropriate and resonate with the target audience.

In which languages does CaptioningStar offer subtitling services?

We provide subtitling services in 100+ languages, supporting a diverse global audience and catering to various linguistic needs.

Can CaptioningStar handle subtitles for content with technical or specialized terminology?

Yes, CaptioningStar has subject matter experts across various fields who can accurately translate and subtitle content with specialized or technical terminology.

What is the difference between subtitles and closed captions?

Subtitles are translated versions of speech that appear on the bottom of the screen, whereas, Closed Captions are the same language content that appears on the screen.

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Excellent work all around. They met all of the City of Miramar’s needs in a timely manner. The captioning is perfect. Thanks to M Anderson and his team for all their hard work and for helping us with our content. The City of Miramar recommends them.


Andres E.H

Best Captioning reviews

TV Show Host We have been using Captioning Star for the TV show “What’s Up Orange County” for the last year. It has been a pleasure working with Mike Anderson who is always following up to make sure our orders are completed on time. Highly recommend.


Scott D. Stewart

LinkedIn reviews

Producer Director CaptioningStar did a great job on over 15 hours of material to caption. Mike Anderson and his team are very customer service oriented and do what they say they will do. Their work is consistently accurate and turnaround is never delayed.


Erik Nielsen

Best Captioning reviews

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