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Reinvent the Wheels of SAP SuccessFactors Management with SCORM

Just Plug-in all your Course Content with Ease

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SAP SuccessFactors LMS Support

Unified LMS developed by SAP is reaching heights as this multi-faceted Learning Management System offers advanced and interactive module designs. SAP’s SuccessFactors has been incorporated primarily by Multi-National Companies, Corporates, and other sectors to streamline workforce training.

CaptioningStar - More than Just Captions

CaptioningStar is a leading provider of captioning services, serving a wide range of industries such as media, IT, finance, universities, and event management. We offer an extensive range of services, including Closed Captioning, Live Captioning, Open Captioning, Broadcast Services, Audio Descriptions, and Post Production Services. With a diverse client base, we pan out to provide services to 16000+ clients.

We specialize in customized LMS management services, effectively reducing the workload for LMS Admins by handling all the complex tasks. We ensure the seamless uploading of courses, ensuring compliance with SCORM standards, and placing them in the appropriate locations.

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Learn more about SCORM


Shared Content Object Reference Model(SCORM) is universally accepted by many LMS, as the compliant guidelines, SCORM makes communication between the courses and LMS easier. You get a myriad of benefits by adapting to SCORM. The benefits follow:

This widely adopted standard offers a set of guidelines for uploading and managing LMS courses, allowing administrators to easily port the courses.

SCORM structures the aggregation of content within a comprehensive framework, enabling seamless integration with various LMS platforms. It also provides customization options to incorporate desired LMS styles and functionality.

What do you get

Easy Integration on LMS

LMS platforms follow SCORM compliance following the universal guidelines for LMS. Seamless support for Integrating the course content with SCORM on any LMS.

Experience Seamless Tracking

With SCORM’s exclusive support, tracking the progress of users becomes effortless. LMS Admins can now skip the burdensome tasks and gain ultimate control through the in-built tracking system.

One-Time Upload, Universal Access

Upload your course content once and access it anywhere. You remain in full command, regardless of changes. We securely upload all your courses to the SCORM cloud, ensuring seamless compatibility across multiple LMS platforms.

Effortless Upload and Sharing

Our lightweight uploading process ensures a smooth experience, clearing all the buffering issues. The use of the .XML format provides an advantage in loading pages efficiently.

Drag and Drop

Just upload once to the SCORM cloud and access your courses anywhere. Pack your courses and take them anywhere as SCORM provides multi-platform compatibility.

Accessibility for All

We believe in the ethical principle that education should be accessible to everyone. To meet that, we ensure that online education reaches individuals who are hard of hearing. Our services cover all the accessibility needs related to LMS platforms.

CaptioningStar + SAP SuccessFactors LMS

For all LMS admins, we are offering an innovative and affordable solution to save a ton of money through SCORM Compliance. With our complete integration support,

Get Complete Control over the Result

Save Time on Coding and Packaging

Save Money on Moodle tools

Reduce Your Coding Hours to Zero

We Simplify the Process in 5 Steps providing end-to-end support


Course and Asset Upload


Editing with Authoring Tools


Export SCORM Package


Run a Test after Delivery


Publish the Course on LMS

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