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Quick Integration of Content on Talent LMS

Just Plug-in all your Course Content with Ease


Talent LMS Support

Talent LMS provides an ultimate edge to offer your professional courses in an easy-to-use medium, however, the hidden backend process is time-consuming to manage.

CaptioningStar aids you with all the processes. Covering all the aspects from uploading to managing the LMS Dashboard, We provide end-to-end support.

CaptioningStar - More than Just Captions

We are a top-tier provider of captioning services that cater to various needs such as Closed Captioning, Live Captioning, Open Captioning, Broadcast Services, Audio Descriptions, and Post Production Services. We have built a strong client base that comprises well-known brands from diverse sectors such as Media, IT, Finance, Universities, and Event Management. Our expertise extends to offering complete assistance for Broadcast Captioning and end-to-end solutions for LMS platforms.

Our LMS management service is customizable, and we take care of all the intricate details so that LMS Admins can relax and let us handle everything. We ensure that all courses are uploaded in the right format and comply with SCORM standards.

CS screen

Learn more about SCORM


Shared Content Object Reference Model(SCORM) is universally accepted by many LMS, as the compliant guidelines, SCORM makes communication between the courses and LMS easier. You get a myriad of benefits by adapting to SCORM. The benefits follow:

As a widely accepted compliance system, SCORM offers guidelines for uploading and managing LMS courses. It allows administrators to make courses easily adaptable to multiple compliant LMS with a specific set of guidelines.

SCORM is not a regulatory system, but rather a system that structures the aggregation of content with a cumulative framework to unite LMS combinations to accept content universally. Additionally, it offers personalized space for integrating desired LMS styles and functionality.

What do you get

Hassle-Free Integration

Upload all the courses on the LMS with easy steps, with our guidance, the burdensome connection becomes an effortless process as our experts handle each and every step.

Track the User’s Progress

Check the usage, and track the user’s progress by going beyond the usual  LMS interaction facilities. Provide Quizzes, provide Self Evaluations at the end of every module.

Unpack Easier

Connecting the Courses and the respective additional files would not consume a heavy load of your time. Pack and Unpack all the courses in a simple format with easy loading.

XML Format

No more worries about loading large files. Experience smooth loading as the packages will load in XML format, offered in bundles and packages.

Cloud Upload

Manage the consistency of the courses by uploading the courses once on the cloud. The cloud system is universally accepted by all LMS platforms, making it easier to drag and drop.

In-Built Search Bar

The Dashboard is facilitated by an in-built search bar, for the easy navigation of the user. The user can simply pick the right information just by typing in the search bar.

CaptioningStar + Talent LMS

For all LMS admins, we are offering an innovative and affordable solution to save a ton of money through SCORM Compliance. With our complete integration support,

Get Complete Control over the Result

Save Time on Coding and Packaging

Save Money on Moodle tools

Reduce Your Coding Hours to Zero

We Simplify the Process in 5 Steps providing end-to-end support


Course and Asset Upload


Editing with Authoring Tools


Export SCORM Package


Run a Test after Delivery


Publish the Course on LMS

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