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We transcribe anything under the Sun

Our experienced transcriptionists convert all your audio and video under any domain to written documents. We also transcribe your dissertation documents, legal materials, medical reports, and more. Our transcribers capture all spoken dialogues, sometimes even the gestures as precisely as possible. We ensure to exactly match the one on the tape.

We transcribe

Transcription services offered by CaptioningStar

Video Transcription

Audio Transcription

Transcribing Interviews and Meetings

Transcribing Telephone calls

Dissertation Transcription

Medical Transcription

Legal Transcriptions

MP3 Transcriptions

Enterprise transcription? Special requirements? Recurring work?

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We have atomatated our service, but not the transcription process

With smart automation quicken your workflow. Download 99% accurate human prepared transcripts with our application- iTranscript

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Take the privilege of our automated platform to quicken your workflow, but blended with the accuracy of the human touch. Doesn’t that sound perfect?

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